Suffering From Vertigo While on Family Vacation

dizzyWe haven’t had much luck with vacations here lately.  I spent my last vacation on a cruise with my wife while she suffered from pneumonia.  Half of my memories from that vacation are going to involve Casey hacking in the background as she just tried to survive the vacation.

Being sick on a cruise ship has its pluses, like being able to tell friends about getting to see the ship’s morgue, and being able to rate the quality of the ER center on the ship.

Now we’re on another vacation, but this time as a family vacation, in Florida where we will hopefully be going to Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando.  I guess I shouldn’t say “we” when I mean “me,” because the rest of my family will definitely be going to those places but that’s all up in the air for me.

I’m here in Orlando to run the Disney World Marathon on Sunday.  An event I have been training for since October.  It’s also an event I have been very nervous about due to the difficulty that arises from training in wintery Indiana.  But now I have something that should put those nerves to shame.

I woke up Monday morning with my world spinning, or at least it literally looked like my world was spinning.  No matter how hard I concentrated on something in the distance, that something was rapidly shifting from my right to my left over and over and over again.  Whenever I turned my head to the left it felt like my body was going to be thrown to the ground.  Not knowing what was going on, I did what most people would do and went back to bed.

When I woke, up my world was spinning at an even quicker pace; however, because we were on vacation, I didn’t want to let everyone down so I went on a car ride with them to a local eatery for lunch.  They all ate food.  I sat in the car and tried not to vomit from motion sickness.

The rest of my afternoon was spent asleep in a bed trying to wish away the spinning and dizziness.

Later that night the motion sickness, which was caused from all the spinning, got to me, and I heaved in the bathroom.  Did I mention we’re spending a few days at my sister’s house?  The sister who has a phobia of other people throwing up? When I got out of the bathroom and came back in the room where my wife and sister had been sitting, my wife quoted Duck Dynasty, “She gone.”

I ended up at the doctor’s office the next morning and learned that I had vertigo symptoms due to an ear infection that had developed.  Another heave in the doctor’s bathroom and two new prescriptions later, and here I sit still suffering from those vertigo like symptoms as my family enjoys their time Universal Studios, Orlando.

Vertigo, by the way, sucks.  My world isn’t spinning as fast as it was, in fact, if I keep one eye closed my world just shakes a lot.  Hopefully the prescriptions I am taking have me ready for my marathon on Sunday, or I’ll be in for one very shaky and unsteady marathon.

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