Sully and Mike Down On the Farm: A Dad’s Halloween Party Pictures

This year,  for the first time in my life, I saved up some dimes and ordered a pretty cool costume through the mail. Not just any costume either, my friend.

I ordered Sully (from Monsters Inc and Monsters U.), who just so happens to be my ‘favorite monster’ as Henry likes to point out to me. Yes, I am pushing 42 years old. And yes, I have a favorite ‘monster.’ Don’t judge me.

Now listen, I know that that might be a thing that doesn’t excite you at all. You might be the kind of person who doesn’t really give a crap about costumes or stuff like that, especially if it’s some cartoon creature from a flick you have and will never ever probably see. And that’s fine.

But I would also guess that you aren’t the parent of a couple of small kids either, because in the end, my Sully costume, and the costume of his sidekick Mike that I bought for my wife to wear, they didn’t really impress any of our adult friends.

And even the kids down the road at the Halloween party we wore them to seemed less than impressed by two weirdo locals dressed up like we were.

Yet, when my two, Henry and Violet, first peeked out the window a half hour before the party this past Saturday afternoon, as my wife called their names excitedly and hollered at them to come see what she’d spotted in the yard, everything came together perfectly, like the dream that I’d dreamed up months ago.

I ran across the backyard in my Sully suit and hid behind the tree and I could hear my kids in the upstairs window squealing and giggling.

I heard my wife’s voice cry out, “It’s Sully! He’s in our yard!”

I peeked around the tree trunk and they spotted my big blue head and laughed with delight.

Then my son tore down the steps to meet his hero while my daughter ran into her room and hid in the closet, her mind blown by the overwhelming thing she had just witnessed in the flesh.

You can’t beat that, now can you? I mean, that is a perfect Halloween costume moment right there. Maybe as perfect as I will ever have in this lifetime.

So thanks, Sully. I had one of the best afternoons of my life thanks to you, big guy.

  • Chef Time 1 of 21

    My contribution to the party...

  • Sully Behind The Wheel 2 of 21

    Sully take the wheel.

  • Dad & Dumbo 3 of 21

    Sully and Dumbo the elephant.

  • Sully’s Ready To Party 4 of 21

    Even monsters like to kick back with a cold one.

  • Monsters Inc. 5 of 21

    My wife says her Mike Wazowski pants are the most comfortable pants she's worn since getting pregnant.

  • All Aboard! 6 of 21

    Hay ride time!

  • Need a Lift? 7 of 21

    Best hay ride all year. And we should know, we've been on at least five.

  • Hay Ride! 8 of 21

    Jake the pirate and Dumbo steer their vessel.

  • Dumbo & Sully 9 of 21

    Who needs a coat?

  • Dad & Hank 10 of 21

    My wife's new favorite photo.

  • Wife 11 of 21

    Baby mama.

  • Beer Break 12 of 21

    What? It's hot in there.

  • Farmer Frank Leads the Way 13 of 21

    Headed for the hills.

  • Da Girlz 14 of 21

    The girls in my life.

  • Mmmm, Doughnuts 15 of 21

    Eye spy with my little eye...

  • Doughnut On A String 16 of 21


  • Cupcake Nirvana 17 of 21

    The only time they were quiet all night.

  • Roller Derby Girl Stokes the Fire 18 of 21

    I bet you've never seen a girl on roller skates build a bonfire.

  • Mike & Sully 19 of 21

    Me and my lady after taking off our costumes for the evening.

  • Bonfire 20 of 21

    My lady enjoying the heat on a chilly October evening.

  • Elephant Sparks 21 of 21

    Little elephant, big sparks.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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