Taking a Break from Marathon Training (Finally!)

marathon2It has been a long year. I’ve gone through hundreds of miles, a pair of running shoes, one half-marathon, and two full marathons over the course of the last year. Training for marathons takes a lot of energy and a lot of time. That’s time that could be spent with family but is instead spent basically in isolation pounding the pavement or the treadmill trying to get those ever elusive miles.

I’ve spent the past fifty-two or so Saturday mornings getting my long runs out of the way for the week when I could have been spending that time watching Addie do gymnastics or playing My Little Ponies with Vivi. I’ve spent the last fifty-two or so Thursday evenings in the gym jogging on the treadmill as Vivi played in the gym’s daycare center. I’ve spent the last fifty-two or so Monday evenings jogging on the treadmill as Vivi played in the gym’s daycare center, and Addie headed off to gymnastics. Almost all the other mornings of my week were spent in the gym as well working on maintaining a decent all around fitness level. The other evenings of the week? Yep, in the gym either doing a run or some other cardiovascular centered exercise.

Back when I first started training for a half-marathon, Casey had fears that it was back to law school time, because so much time was spent away from family that she was sure I was over doing the training.  Then after she spoke with a friend who was also training, she realized the training was necessary.

Here I am a week removed from completing my last marathon, the Walt Disney World Marathon, and I haven’t spent a second in the gym. This last Saturday I woke up and spent some time with the kids in the morning before heading back to bed where I read a book, watched a show, and took a little nap. The rest of my Saturday was spent lounging in the house and spending time with my kids.

No worries about getting to the gym and wasting my day, and it was great. It was great for me, and I know my kids loved that I was able to stay home.

I’m not done running marathons. It’s a challenge and love and hate all at the same time, and it also helps keep me healthy both mentally and physically. I’ll do another half marathon in May and hopefully the Chicago Marathon in October, but for the next month, I’m not going to do any exercise whatsoever. I’m officially taking a break from marathon training, and it feels great (add in the fact I can’t do weight training either due to continued issues with the vertigo that hit me a couple weeks ago and the break is doubly great).  The month will be spent giving my body a break from all the stress that comes from a year of training, and I will be spending time with my kids on Saturday mornings and in the evenings after work.

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