Tasty: My Daughter Decided to Eat Her Favorite Stuffed Bunny

Vivi has this bunny that she loves. She tries to take it everywhere she goes and she only lets those she trusts hold her bunny.

When it is time for bed or a nap, Vivi will run wobble to the place where she left her lovie so that she has him for her nap. She will demand to hold “Bunny” when she is getting her diaper changed, and if for some reason Bunny is left behind in her crib she will try to take a nosedive off the changing table just to get it.

Addie has a wooby and it has gone on many adventures. “Wooby” is a piece of soft, purple cloth that Casey sewed into a washcloth-sized blanket for Addie. It has several different types of ribbon tags sewn along its edges. It was given to Addie when she still couldn’t walk, and it goes everywhere Addie goes and it would be tragic if Addie ever lost Wooby.

When it came time to guide Vivi towards a favorite sentimental toy, we decided to try to get her to fall in love with a more common item. That way if we ever lose that toy we can find a replacement and tears will not be shed. To make sure there isn’t a real noticeable difference between the two different bunnies, Casey bought a spare bunny and she rotates the two bunnies each week. That way they each wear at about the same rate.

It seemed like the perfect plan until Friday. I don’t know if Vivi has picked up some bad habits from the kids at daycare or if it just dawned on her that people eat bunnies, but Vivi decided to take a bite out of her bunny.

I picked Vivi up on Friday evening and was handed a very slobbery bunny as I left. I didn’t know if Bunny had just been dropped in a puddle of water or if another kid had slimed bunny, but I had never held a sopping wet Bunny before. Later that night, I put Vivi to bed with her bunny and picked her up out of her crib the next morning.  Again, Bunny was sopping wet.

I then noticed that Vivi was chewing on something. I asked her to open her mouth and inside, I saw a good sized chunk of Bunny’s fur. The baby had bitten a chunk of the bunny’s fur off its neck area. I decided it must have been an accident and that it wasn’t something to worry about. But after her nap, when I found another chunk of Bunny in her mouth, I realized Bunny may not last through the week because Vivi had obviously decided to eat it.

Vivi continued to use Bunny as a snack for the rest of the day. Each time I took her out of the car after various errand,s I would find a chunk of bunny fur in her mouth.

If this trend continues, we’re going to have to buy twenty bunnies.  Or we could teach Vivi to be a vegetarian.

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