Could Your Family Survive Without TV?

When we cut the cord on live TV it was much easier than we could ever have imagined. We stopped cold turkey, and while there were some lingerings as to what sort of shenanigans we may be missing on White Collar and Psych, the idea of TV as a thing to do quickly dissipated. Saving $100 a month helped.

The real test, we thought, would be the boys. They had grown soft and lazy between couch cushions and Wonder Pets, and we braced ourselves for their revolt.

It never came.

We have been without live TV for 10 months, and they have only once, yes, once, made a stink about not seeing a show — a pretty mild stink at that, nothing some potpourri couldn’t cover.

It wasn’t that we went without connections to pop culture and the outside world. We got by on family nights hovered around slowly streaming Netflix and movies rented from a vending machine at the local market. Between Hulu Plus and a PBS app I was able to stay up on Modern Family and Downton Abbey, so I could contribute to the latest water cooler talk, where the water cooler equals Twitter.

If anything, it made the programs we did watch, and the time spent watching them, all the more important. It felt like time well spent. A family night of small screen entertainment was planned and picked by conversation and purpose, not random default.

All of that will change today between noon and four. That’s when the satellite people are coming to screw their metal plate, if not directly into our heads, then onto the roof immediately above them. It’s a requirement of my other gig, and my wife is pretty excited about it.

My feelings are mixed.

I am looking forward to the new Avatar series though.

What TV shows would your family miss?


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