That’s a First: A Happy Valentine’s Day that Ended With a Trip to Hooters

valentines1Despite my failure to have Casey’s present ready to go on Valentine’s Day, the holiday turned out to be a major success. Thankfully Valentine’s Day requires two people to make it a success, or I probably wouldn’t have been so lucky.

Valentine’s Day landed on our second day in Cancun, and I thought about surprising Casey with a massage after the concierge handed me a sheet containing massage discounts when I first arrived at the hotel. But that thought passed quickly because I knew my wife, and I knew if she was given that same discounts sheet she would have already booked herself a massage. Sure enough, when I found Casey lounging on the beach after I first arrived, the first thing she said was that she had booked a 90 minute couples massage for Valentine’s Day.

I know my wife.

It was my first massage ever and it was great. Casey thought it was even better because halfway through she heard me start to snore. Apparently I was unconscious for half of my massage. It was a great way to start our Valentine’s Day.

My promise to kick the iguanas out of Casey’s path, surprisingly, ended up being a gesture Casey loved. When she read my Valentine’s post she hadn’t walked on the path where the iguanas were located so she had no idea what I was talking about. I took her down the path and watched as she freaked out when she spotted her first iguana.


Later that day we headed out into Cancun to hopefully find something Valentiny to do. We ended up ordering ice cream fondue from Haagen Dazs, which might be the best invention in food ever. Why hadn’t anyone thought of dipping ice cream balls and fruit into melted chocolate fondue before.


From there we headed to Hooters. Yep, you read that right, Hooters. I took my wife to Hooters on Valentine’s Day.

We hadn’t ever been to Hooters together before.In fact, I hadn’t been to Hooters in over a decade, but I was in the mood for Buffalo wings and Hooters makes decent wings. Casey was already full from the ice cream fondue we had eaten 15 minutes earlier and she knows I have to have wings once every few weeks to satisfy my wings cravings.


About 25 minutes into our stay at Hooters my wife told me to stop staring, but I wasn’t staring at what I would have been staring at 12 years earlier. A couple had brought a baby to Hooters and I missed Vivi and Addie. Without really noticing what I was doing, Casey caught me staring at the couple’s baby and she told me to “stop staring at that baby.”

No matter how bad my cravings are for wings in the future, I can never go back to Hooters with Casey. A husband’s trip to Hooters couldn’t possible go any better than that trip.

Even though my Valentine’s Day gift to Casey wasn’t ready by Valentine’s Day, the day ended up being a success and will be difficult to top next year.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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