The Best April Fool’s Pranks to Play on the Family

The thing that still gets me, the thing I can’t get over, even years later, is that I spent the entire night before April Fool’s Day trying to think of the perfect prank to pull on my then-girlfriend.

I had no idea what I was in for.

When I woke up the next morning, groggy and a little hung over from too much partying, I completely forgot about April Fool’s Day when Dana rolled over and clutched her belly, saying she wasn’t feeling so hot.

But this was only the start. She played me all day long with the perfect prank.
Belly ache. Nausea. Headaches. Throughout the day, she dropped hints about not feeling so well. We were at my family reunion in Michigan, celebrating my grandparents’ birthdays, and here she was slowly falling into sickness. I felt sorry for her and completely forgot about my evil plans.

By the time evening rolled around and we found ourselves alone, away from the party and prying ears, she let it expertly, ever so subtly, slip from her lips.

“I’m … late.”

My first thought was: For what?

My next thought was: We’re too young!

And we were. We were young and, although we would later get married and become desperate for kids, we weren’t ready at that particular moment. I wasn’t ready. She knew it. And she let me sweat for hours.


God I love her.

It was the most evil April Fool’s prank I’d ever fallen for.

But there are, of course, others. I asked some friends about the best pranks they’d ever played or fallen for and here’s what they come up with to get your family on April Fool’s Day.

Have fun. And good luck ….

  • I’m late 1 of 7
    I'm late
    I don't need to belabor this one ... but if you ever want to get someone, you can't go wrong with the classic. Just make sure you spend a whole day setting it up.
  • Honey, it’s time 2 of 7
    Honey, it's time
    Speaking of belaboring ... a friend says she tricked her husband by declaring she was in labor with their first born. Granted, not everyone can pull this off, given the ... timing. But if you can, go for it.
  • Present swap 3 of 7
    Present swap
    Another friend said his dad purposefully switched up presents, so that his wife got a toy and his son -- my friend -- got the wife's lingerie. Odd? Yes, with this particular swap. (My friend swears he was scarred for life.) But with the right presents, I can foresee momentary awkwardness and confusion. Winner.
  • Fake milk 4 of 7
    Fake milk
    A friend of mine put food dye in the milk. When it was time for cereal, there was a minor freak out over red milk ... I'm using this one on the kid for sure.
  • Move the furniture 5 of 7
    Move the furniture
    This is another simple one to use on kids: Just rearrange a few pieces of furniture, so that when the kid comes out of bed all groggy and tired, voila! A serious what-the-heck? moment.
  • Change phone message 6 of 7
    Change phone message
    If my wife's cell phone wasn't so tied to the job that keeps a roof over our heads, I'd totally change her voice mail message. Thinking maybe phone sex operator. Revenge is mine!
  • Play hooky 7 of 7
    Play hooky
    A friend told his kids it was "hooky day!" and that they'd go to the park, go for doughnuts, maybe see a movie -- anything they wanted to do. The kids quickly got ready and were so excited, until they piled in the car and were promptly dropped off at school. These are the same kids that grow up to tell their significant others they're "late." So be careful with how far you take these tricks.

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