The Cauliflower Masterpiece: One Dad’s IncrEdible Food Art (PHOTOS)

Cucumber killer whale, anyone?

Brock Davis is a genius.

Or at least he’s damn close.

Even if he wasn’t though, it would still be tough not to like a guy who has taken the whole don’t-play-with-your-food mantra from our childhood and thumbed his nose at it with real artistic brilliance.

See, besides being a wildly successful advertising creative director and successful multimedia artist, Brock is also a dad. And that right there explains why his series of art works done with food is just so badass.

Dads have long been on the other end of the ‘Don’t Play With Your Food’ Movement (DPWYFM), pausing in the middle of their own hard-earned suppers to glare across countless dining room and kitchen tables at sons and daughters caught up in the timeless irresistible urge to create and to construct with their broccoli and their cauliflower.

Kids have always played with their food and parents have always given them hell for it.

So, it’s cool to see how Brock, the father, has been able to reconcile with Brock, the artist, by creating what can only be described as the fantastical visions of Brock, the Talented-As-All-Hell-Kid. So, you might wanna think twice tonight when your kid is making a volcano out of his meatloaf and gravy.

Enough from me though, let the art speak for itself.

It’s that good.

  • Broccoli House 1 of 12
    Broccoli House
    I suppose we have all had our moments of pretending that a bit of broccoli was a tree, but still. This is operating at a whole other level, isn't it?
  • The Dark Side of the Doritos 2 of 12
    The Dark Side of the Doritos
    In one masterful move, Brock Davis literally combined everything fantastic about pop culture and rock music and album artwork and stoner snacks into a DIY piece worthy of museumness. If you don't know what this is all about, it's too late for me to help you.
  • Cauliflower Space Shuttle Challenger, 1986 3 of 12
    Cauliflower Space Shuttle Challenger, 1986
    Very unexpectedly, as I was poring over Brock Davis' work, I came across things that weren't just funny or clever, but instead were touching and mesmerizing in ways that I kind of had to pinch myself over just to make sure that I was seeing what I was seeing. I find this to be pure magnificence.
  • Rice Krispyhenge 4 of 12
    Rice Krispyhenge
    Okay, yeah this one might seem less inspired at first glance, but give it a second or two and it really does give up it's genius. To find art in stuff that we spill on the kitchen counter, that's pretty damn cool. This piece gets better and better the more you walk away and then come back.
  • Peeing Honey Bear 5 of 12
    Peeing Honey Bear
    A lot of Davis' food art stands out not only because he hunts down his own wild whims, but also because he is aware of the importance of the photograph of each work that he creates, Most of us will only ever see the work via his picture of it, so when we look and smile or stare it's because the idea and the creation and the photographic capture of it all work together. Also, I use this honey for my kids and this is so great.
  • Noodles on a Plate 6 of 12
    Noodles on a Plate
    This is an homage to an incredibly iconic album cover by Joy Division and to the people involved in it's creation. It is noodles on a freaking dish. It is perfect.
  • Cucumber Killer Whale 7 of 12
    Cucumber Killer Whale
    Just when I thought I had a bit of an idea where Brock Davis was heading with his food art, I'd find something else that surprised and excited me with it's playful excellence.
  • Banana Peel Trucker Hat 8 of 12
    Banana Peel Trucker Hat
    This one speaks for itself, really. Trucker hats may not be as cool as they used to be, but this one is holding it's own.
  • Cauliflower Hindenburg, 1937 9 of 12
    Cauliflower Hindenburg, 1937
    Once again, frozen in my tracks by some cauliflower and an artist's gift.
  • Twinkie Circuitry 10 of 12
    Twinkie Circuitry
    Yes, the Twinkie is gone now. But maybe it has a strange but real future after all, huh?
  • The Gingershred Man 11 of 12
    The Gingershred Man
    Tell me you can't feel the vibe of a freshly fallen skateboarder? And yes, he's gingerbread. And yes, you're very cool with that.
  • Cake Ramp 12 of 12
    Cake Ramp
    This. This is the greatest album cover in the history of album covers yet to happen. And the title too. That is all.

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