Dark Side Daddy: 5 Sneak Peeks At Darth Vader And Son

Luke and his pop.

Comic book author Jeffery Brown’s superb Darth Vader And Son hits shelves today.

The charming little book (that I wrote briefly about last week ) is an imaginary glimpse back in time, before Darth Vader became a poster boy for The Dark Side of the Force: back when he was too busy raising his toddler son, Luke Skywalker, to be a menace to the galaxy.

Darth Vader and Son is really comical. Seriously, it is.

Yet the thing is, for all it’s humor, beneath it’s funny surface Brown’s collection is also riveting because of it’s candid glimpse at modern fatherhood.

Often mirroring the life of any good dad (especially, it seems, single dads) we can’t help but fall for a guy we can tell is doing his best to be patient/nurturing/and helpful to his young son, despite how tough it can be sometimes.

It just so happens that the fella is the Lord of the Dark Side, you know?

No matter though, because whether its out trick-or-treating or practicing a little baseball in the yard, Darth and Luke are both,well, they’re just really damn likable.

Father’s Day is a few months away, I know I know.

But whatever.

Just let me just be the first to tell you that, if you play your cards right and get him a copy, Darth Vader And Son is gonna have Dad laughing coffee through his nose this year at brunch.

I only came across this book about a week ago but I figured it was just too cool to let it slide under your radar. I think you’ll dig it.

Here, have a look for yourselves.

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