The Greatest 911 Call Ever Made: Smart Little Girl Thinks She’s Talking To Daddy

Young Chloe and her trusty phone.
Young Chloe and her trusty phone.

When 5-year-old Chloe Olson realized that her mommy was choking on a tortilla chip, she didn’t panic and waste time.

Instead, the young Ridgewood, NJ  girl knew exactly what to do and dialed 911.

What happened next is pretty spectacular, and quite sweet too.

According to the transcript of the call in an article on New York’s ABC 7 website, Chloe, thinking she had her “Daddy” on the phone, gets right to the point telling the emergency operator (“Daddy”) that Mommy is choking and that she cannot talk.

It is alarming, of course; no one ever wants to listen to a child in distress, especially when they are right next to a parent who needs real help. Yet at the same time this particular 911 call has a really special edge to it.

It certainly helps knowing in retrospect that Chloe’s mom, Kerry Olson, actually dislodged the rogue chip before help can even arrive, but there’s much more.

The brief few second exchange between a little girl who could have been understandably inarticulate, but is anything but, and a 911 operator who remains totally cool and professionally awesome  when his little caller calls him “Daddy” is a really nice burst of positivity in a world of horrific 911 recordings that typically ooze evil and sadness.

It’s worth a listen, just to remind ourselves that there are a lot of really smart kids out there.

And a lot of damn good grown-ups, too.


Info: ABC 7

Image: CBS 2


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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