The Insufferable Ant Wars of Summer 2012

It has been a long, long summer. I’m usually itching for the fall to get here for 3 main reasons: football, the leaves, and cooler weather. This year, however, I oh-so-badly want the fall to come simply so I can win this damn war I’ve been fighting over the past 5 months.

We moved into this house almost 3 years ago. Four months afterward, we spotted our first ant crawling across a countertop. It just happened to be the first  of many ants. And it appeared when guests were visiting. Those guests have never been back and we haven’t heard from them since.

Hopefully, it really was the ants that scared them away and not my wife’s personality. You can all stop laughing now. I know, I know. It would have been far more likely that my personality would be the one to scare them away.

Over that first summer, the ants stuck around for a few weeks. I sprayed some of that bug killing barrier stuff around the house and voilÝ  the ants were gone.

The next summer the ants were a bit more aggressive. They started coming into the house earlier than they had the year before. I sprayed the bug barrier around the house again thinking that would be the easiest and quickest solution  No luck though.

And while I’m mentioning those bug barrier bottles… look. Any reps of these products who happen to be reading what I’m writing, I buy that product because I’m deathly scared of spiders. When I spray around the outside of the house in order to create a penetration proof barrier between me and the spiders, damn it, I expect it to work. Why hasn’t it worked? We’ve had all kinds of spiders running across our floors and I get creeped out every time, which leads to my wife openly mocking me on Twitter. I shouldn’t have to rescue two cats from the Humane Society in order to keep my house spider-free. (By the way for those of you who are struggling with the spiders, my cats eat all spiders that dare enter our house and we’ve had no problems with spiders since.)

I think you can all see where this is going. The bug barrier crap didn’t work. The ants remained throughout the summer.We constantly had about 3 or 4 ants crawling on our counters at any given moment. It didn’t matter what kind of bate trap I set out, none of them worked. I killed each individual ant with a soap spray and we survived the summer.

This year has been completely different. I’m pretty sure last year’s ants were just scouting and coming up with a game plan so they could go to war with my family and WIN  Sheesh, boy did they almost win.

We have literally had thousands of ants in our house this year. Ants crawling along the floors. Ants crawling up the walls in little trails. Ants crawling along the floorboards. Ants all over the counters. Ants.  Ants. ANTS.

It got to the point to where Casey and I both started having ant nightmares. I tried every solution I could find on the internet to get rid of the ants but nothing worked. I was ready to give up and waive the white flag and just pray that fall got here a little earlier this year. Then I stumbled across a liquid bait trap from TERRO.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I don’t know if TERRO works everywhere, but what I do know is that Raid and whatever other brand we tried did nothing to solve our ant problem. Before waiving the white flag I decided to give those little TERRO liquid bait traps a try.

I put out two liquid bait traps one night despite Casey’s skepticism. By morning, we had a trail of thousands of ants heading in and out of those liquid bait traps. By midday the next day the ants had pretty much drained one of the traps of all its liquid. Then by night the trail had mostly disappeared. Probably only 10 to 20 ants remained for the next day, and the day after that only 2 or 3.

As I knock on wood, I think that I can now pronounce myself the victor of this war on ants. I haven’t seen an ant in this house for 2 whole days. And you probably have no idea what kind of a morale boost that little stat is to me. We won the war . . . at least until next year.

What have you done to get rid of ant problems? I seriously want to know. I can’t go through another summer of ant problems. My fragile psyche can’t take it.

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