The Many Expressions of Vivi

One of the things I remember most about Addie’s time as a toddler was that she was sure to throw some pretty interesting expressions around.  That’s probably common for all toddlers, and Vivi is no exception.  Vivi has come up with some fantastic expressions and it’s isn’t uncommon for her to roll through each expression she’s learned in about a 30 second span.  And having a wife who is constantly taking photos means we’ve captured quite a few of Vivi’s best expressions.

Here’s are 20 of Vivi’s best and funniest expressions:

  • What? 1 of 20
    This is Vivi's you're telling me I get to keep this twisty straw thingy? expression.
  • Popcorn! 2 of 20
    This is the I'm stuffing my face with popcorn expression.
  • Wake Up! 3 of 20
    Wake Up!
    This is the you're finally up and ready to get me out of my crib expression.
  • Photo Bomb 4 of 20
    Photo Bomb
    This is the I'm going to photo bomb the picture you're taking of yourself expression.
  • I’m Eating 5 of 20
    I'm Eating
    This is Vivi's I'm eating a ball right now so please take photos later expression.
  • Bed Time 6 of 20
    Bed Time
    This is Vivi's it's time for bunny to go night, night expression.
  • Baby in a Box 7 of 20
    Baby in a Box
    This is her I'm in a box and kind of hiding, but I might be pooping expression.
  • Mouth Full 8 of 20
    Mouth Full
    This is Vivi's my mouth is full of stuff right now expression.
  • Potty Time 9 of 20
    Potty Time
    This is Vivi's mom let me play in the sink in the potty room and she has no idea at this moment how big of a mistake that will be expression.
  • The Sun 10 of 20
    The Sun
    This is her I'm excited to see you in the doorway, but I'm not quite sure how to shield my eyes from the sun expression.
  • Reading the Menu 11 of 20
    Reading the Menu
    This is one where I'm not sure what Vivi's thinking, but it sure does look like she's trying to see how much a corn dog would cost at Target.
  • I’m Wonder 12 of 20
    I'm Wonder
    This is her I'm hiding in a box and I'm pretty sure nobody can see me right now expression.
  • Tickle 13 of 20
    This is classic Vivi getting tickled expression.
  • Doing Math? 14 of 20
    Doing Math?
    I'm not quite sure what Vivi's doing here, but it looks like she's contemplating a math equation.
  • Awkward 15 of 20
    This is Vivi's look what my sister taught me how to do expression.
  • Bapple 16 of 20
    This is Vivi's you know this is MY bapple, don't you? expression.
  • TV Zombie 17 of 20
    TV Zombie
    This is Vivi's I'm watching TV right now and I could probably pass as a zombie expression.
  • Officer Vivi 18 of 20
    Officer Vivi
    This is Vivi's I'm pretty sure you came around that corner too quickly, so I'm gonna have to write this up expression.
  • The Tongue 19 of 20
    The Tongue
    Given the amount of time this kid spends in a day with her tongue hanging out I couldn't leave this expression off the list.
  • Excited 20 of 20
    This is Vivi's I get to go for a car ride expression.

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