The Monsters in Your Closet Look Better Than Ever

Pixar Monster's, Inc 3DThere was, at one time, a monster in my closet. I was five, and I firmly believed that there was something hiding there when the house grew quiet—something that made the occasional creak and sudden thud that would have my head under the covers in no seconds flat. I would see it move, like a shadow wavering across the wall beneath the glow of the nightlight and the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan, and I would plead into the darkness for mercy. It never answered. It just sat there in silence, and it mocked me.

In the morning, when the light of day had driven the beast back to whatever hole it called home I would find my toys, clothes, and other items in a mess upon the floor, not stacked in a reckless and unstable pile like I had left them. It was suspicious and I knew that something was up.

Over the years I thought about that monster less and less, and one night, when I heard the contents of my closet fall to the floor I hardly even cowered. I just watched the stillness settle over the pile and I realized that it had been the weight of poorly stacked items atop other poorly stacked items that was to blame. The wavering shadow of my football jersey was a nice touch.

I decided then and there that the monster in my closet had retired, because what else could it be?

Monsters, Inc. 3D

Years later, when Disney released Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., I knew that I had been right—or the monster may have been fired, I never was much of a screamer.

My kids, having lived closet free for a good part of their youth, were spared the burden of monsters and their nightly quest for power. And yet, even without firsthand experience, they too found Monsters, Inc. to be exciting, heartfelt, and very, very funny.

Needless to say, we were very happy when we found out that Monsters, Inc. was being released in 3D. After all, that’s one more D than the original version had, and everyone knows that three is better than two. That’s easy math, people.

I was lucky enough to see the 3D version of the film a few months ago at a media screening provided by Disney, and it did not disappoint. Obviously, it is the same movie that we already love, but with an added level of depth, clarity, and cinematic scope. That added level is the third D, and I think I just proved my point.

The film opened in theaters on December 19, and unfortunately my boys haven’t had a chance to experience the 3D release of Monsters, Inc. yet, but they will—and their laughs will have the whole place buzzing.

No monsters were hurt in the writing of this post.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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