The Mostly, er, Somewhat Manly Diaper Bag

I got my first college backpack months before getting married and I used that backpack for 6 years until my wife finally convinced me to get a new one, right before I went to law school. I used this second backpack all throughout law school, and even a few years afterward until the zipper broke.

That’s two backpacks used on a daily basis for nearly 10 years.

Casey on the other hand has gone through what seems like hundreds of various bags.  Small bags, big bags, useless bags, grocery bags, peg bags, utility bags, toy bags, and on and on and on.

And having a baby turned into another reason why she needed more bags. Again, big bags, small bags, girly bags, even more girly bags, multi-colored bags, shoulder bags, backpack like bags, and on and on and on.  Even though she has all these diaper bags just begging to be used, none of them were manly enough for me to feel comfortable throwing the strap over my shoulder and heading out on the town with the baby.

Usually that meant that I went out without a diaper bag and hoped like crazy that I could get out and back before Addie needed a diaper change. If I knew that wasn’t going to be possible, I would load up the diaper bag and then leave it in the car at each stop. I would only use the girly-looking bag if it was absolutely necessary.

This time around with Vivi, Casey has surprisingly stuck to just one diaper bag. Before she bought our current diaper bag she made sure it was a bag that that could at least pass as gender neutral. The one she picked out isn’t a bag I’d take to a concert or on a camp, but it isn’t bad either.  She chose an orange color, so at least I can claim that it’s Denver Bronco orange.

The bag was made by Go Gaga.  The company that makes the diaper bag is unfortunately no longer in business, but this bag has by far been the best one that we’ve ever owned. In fact once Casey learned that the company that makes the bag was closing shop, she purchased a few more diaper bags to send to friends and family who were expecting so they didn’t miss out on the quality.

The diaper bag is over-the-shoulder with several compartments that have enough room to store food, toys and all the necessary baby accessories.  The outside of the bag has two insulated bottle holders and a compartment for the diapers and changing pad. That way the tools that do the actual dirty work aren’t tucked away inside the bag with the baby’s toys and foods.

So far, I haven’t purposely left the bag behind, accidentally is a different story, nor have I left the bag in the car. In fact, I have proudly placed the strap over my head and onto my shoulder as I have headed into Best Buy alone with the baby just so I could gander at the new HDTVs.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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