The Pizza We Took Home From Our Disney Cruise

Like any family vacation, a trip with Disney Cruise Line is a great opportunity to bring home memories, photos, and souvenirs, but as we found on our recent voyage through the Western Caribbean the fun doesn’t stop there! I’m talking about food, people.

As I mentioned in my previous Disney Cruise Line posts, there is a fantastic restaurant on the Disney Magic called Palo, and while a meal there costs an additional $20 per adult (no kids, leave them in a youth club!) over the otherwise inclusive dining, it is the best $20 per adult that you may ever spend. It’s that good.

While my wife and I very much enjoyed every single thing about our Palo experience, the one dish that really surprised us was a grape and Gorgonzola pizza. Grapes on a pizza? It was so novel that we had to try it, and it was incredible. Who knew?

Once we got home we decided to make our own grape and Gorgonzola pizza, hence the title of this post; however, this time we did it for the children.

Here’s how we did it (please note, this is NOT the official recipe from Disney, but our own spin on the item) in seven easy steps plus a few that were unnecessary:

  • Recipe Ahoy! 1 of 11

    Click through for all the steps!

  • Rolling In the Dough 2 of 11
    pizza dough

    Step 1: The pizza dough. There are many healthy and helpful options for creating your own pizza dough—ours included picking up a premade bag at our local Trader Joe's. The dough will need to rest for about twenty minutes, and this is the perfect time to preheat your oven to 350º as one does.


    It is also a good idea to heat your pizza stone (if that's what you are using) prior to placing the pizza upon it. We placed our pizza stone in the oven during the preheat process. Two birds, one pizza stone. (No birds were harmed in the making of this pizza.)


    Extra points if the dough is the EXACT SAME COLOR as the marble slab you are using to roll said dough upon.

  • A Little Dab Will Do You 3 of 11
    rolling pizza dough

    Step 2: The rolling part. Roll the pizza dough into the shape of your choice, we went with round as that is the shape of our pizza stone. Also, put your dough on a pizza stone. Dribble a bit of oil on the dough—olive oil might be readily available, but we went with grapeseed oil because a) it is supposed to be healthier, and b) you know, grapes.

  • Feed the Kids Toppings 4 of 11
    pizza toppers

    Step 3: The toppings. Technically, this step can be done at any time prior to this very moment. All you need are the red grapes of your choice (the juicier the better) and some Gorgonzola cheese. Cut the grapes in half. Do not, and I cannot stress this enough, do not cut the cheese.


    Note, this pizza does not have any sauce and it isn't needed. Trust me on this.


    Make sure you have the toppings prepared at any time prior to the next two steps, because they will be important. Can you guess what they are?

  • Say Cheese! 5 of 11
    cheese on pizza

    Step 4: Getting cheesy. If you guessed that the next step was placing Gorgonzola cheese all over the rolled and oiled dough, well congratulations—you're a regular whichever celebrity chef you like.


    But I digress, this is what you do: Release yourself from the constraints of society and spread cheese as freely as your little heart desires. Repeat as needed.

  • Hey, Do You Have Any Grapes? 6 of 11
    grape pizza

    Step 5: Hear it through the grapevine. This is where you put the grapes, flat side down, all over your cheese-covered pizza dough. Even spacing is not required unless you are my son, apparently.


    Also, the kids will probably enjoy this video about grapes, but you may not and for that I apologize.


  • And We’re Baking! 7 of 11
    baking pizza

    Step 6: Into the oven. As you might recall from the beginning of this slideshow (and when you took your hot pizza stone out), the oven is now ready to get involved in the process. Don't tease it.


    Put the pizza in for at least 10-15 minutes (ovens will vary), but check it often for golden crust and melted cheese—that's when it is done.

  • The Pizza is Done, Man 8 of 11
    grape pizza

    Step 7: Take the pizza from the oven. That's pretty much all you do in this step. Be careful, it's hot.

  • Tell Kids They Are Having Grape Pizza for Dinner 9 of 11
    pizza with grapes

    Step 8: Breaking the news. It's different and kind of weird, so the kids will either think a grape pizza sounds gross or that it is somewhat frightening. Assure them otherwise.

  • Yes, Seriously. You are Having Grape Pizza for Dinner 10 of 11
    making grape pizza

    Step 9: Stand firm. Some kids will need more assuring than others.

  • They Like It! They Really Like It! 11 of 11
    kids grape pizza

    Step 10: Grape and Gorgonzola pizza is good. And the kids go wild. Enjoy.


    Special thanks to the cast and crew of Palo, the Disney Magic, and Disney Cruise Line for this culinary inspiration!

My family and I were the very grateful guests of Disney Cruise Lines on the voyage outlined above. All opinions are my own unless otherwise noted.

Whit HoneaRead more from Whit Honea at his site Honea Express and the popular group blog DadCentric. You can follow Whit on the Twitter or Pinterest (his opinions are his own and do not reflect those of Babble or most rational people).

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