The Relief of Having My Wife Gone on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day today, but my family won’t really be celebrating Mother’s Day this year. Sure, we appreciate our mothers and Addie and Vivi miss their mom a lot today. Addie’s even painted and drawn several Happy Mother’s Day pictures for her mom and we’re still only an hour or two into the day. But despite Addie’s excitement to celebrate her mother today, neither Addie’s mom nor my mom are anywhere near me or my kids for their special day. My mom lives in Utah where two of my sisters can spend the day making sure she has a good Mother’s Day, and Casey’s off to Disney World where she’s having the time of her life—again.

I’ve mentioned before that I suck at this whole celebrating special days before. I can never find the right gift and I never think ahead enough to plan anything special. Thanks to Casey being gone to the most wonderful place on Earth all of those worries have been set to the side.

We had a trial run of this care-free celebration when Casey was at Disney Land for her birthday a week or so ago and it was pretty nice–except for the her not being here part. It meant I didn’t have to make her any special meals. I didn’t have to take her to any special restaurants. I didn’t have to make sure all of the kids’ needs were taken care of every second of the day—well, since I did have the kids all to myself I guess I did end up with that job. It all sounds kind of selfish, but dang it, the lady’s in Disney a park without me for what seems like the umpteenth time this year.

Two years ago I had the most miserable Mother’s Day ever. Vivi had been born the week before and Casey was having a really hard time getting her milk to come in. It meant that I had a tired, hungry, and grumpy wife and baby in the home.

Being the sole caretaker of a six-year-old, a 1 week-old, and a 28-year-old was not an easy task. Cooking a Mother’s Day meal in between bottle feedings of the baby while answering four million questions from Addie about why she can’t have ice cream before dinner was pretty tough. By the end of the day I was dreading the time when Mother’s Day would roll around again.

For this year I will wish my wife a Happy Mother’s Day as she rides Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain, and I’ll assure her that her kids are back here in Indiana having the time of their lives while eating macaroni and cheese and playing ball in the living room each night. So go ahead and jump in line for Splash Mountain completely guilt free and buy one of those liter bottles of Coke to help you through the Florida heat.

To my own mother I wish her a Happy Mother’s Day too, and a thanks for being my mom. I miss you and wish you would come out to visit us a little more often.

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