The Return Of Darth Vader: The Incredibly Hip Dad (VIDEO)

Darth and Luke playin' ball

Stars Wars fans around the world can rejoice.

There is a new sidebar to the saga that has fascinated millions worldwide for the last 35 years and it’s both unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Okay…are you ready?

Darth Vader was a really cool dad.

At least that is the gist of a brand new book entitled, Darth Vader and Son, the most recent work from writer and comic book artist, Jeffery Brown.

Done with the complete support and co-operation of Lucas Films (the kingpins behind the Star Wars world), Darth Vader and Son is actually a pretty sweet little story.

In it, the self-proclaimed ‘Dark Lord of the Sith’ is depicted as a pretty admirable father who tries really hard to spend time with his young son, one Luke Skywalker.

According to an insightful little interview in The Los Angeles Times, the author says that so much of what he projected onto Darth Vader as a father was actually based on his own experiences with his own toddler son.

“Like one of the strips is where Darth Vader makes eggs for breakfast, and Luke isn’t happy with them,” Brown told the LA Times. “My eggs are apparently OK for my son, but there are definitely other things I’ve made where he’s been like, “I don’t like this.” And you know, just trying to get him to go to bed. There are a lot of those universal touch points that are in there.”

Lighthearted, but with a lot of heart, Star Wars folks, especially the throngs parents among their ranks, are going to find themselves cracking a bunch of smiles as they turn the pages of this one. Because, for the first time maybe ever, a whole lot of people are going to look at ol’ Darth Vader and see a good bit of themselves.

As Brown himself summed it up to the paper, every parent knows that parenting can be really frustrating: “…the idea of this dark master, lord of the Sith, having all that power, and in the end, here’s this 4-year-old who can be, “Eh, no Dad. I don’t want to do it.” And he’s powerless against it.”


Darth Vader and Son will be available from Chronicle Books as of April 18, 2012.




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