The Reverse Osmosis Water Filter and the Handyman Father

The Reverse Osmosis Water Filter and the Handyman FatherI’ve always considered myself to be a pretty resourceful person when it comes to repairs around the house. Give me a project and I can most likely figure out how to get it done. Garage storage system? Check. Wood floors? Check. Electronics setup and installation? Double check.

I’ve done all of those things all on my own without much help from anyone. In my opinion, I’m a one hell of a handyman father. I designed our garage storage system all on my own. The shelving unit stores a lot of crap and it doesn’t reduce the size of our garage at all. It’s not the prettiest shelving system, but it earned me a compliment from Casey’s carpenter father and that’s pretty impressive if I say so myself.

I even installed wood floors in my mother-in-law’s house all by myself. All I did was watch a how-to video and make sure I didn’t cut any of my fingers off, and voila wood floors installed. What I consider to be my biggest accomplishment though, is the taking apart and reassembling the brakes on my old car. It took me three or four hours to figure out how the brake system worked before I could reassemble the thing, but I got it together again.

Despite my self-proclaimed resourcefulness, Casey thinks I’m basically worthless when it comes to being a handyman father and it all goes back to the one box I made that wasn’t quite square. I used to have this massive headboard that I made in woodshop when I was in high school. The thing was ugly and it was poorly made and I got a D on the project in my woods class. I was too impatient and lazy to do the headboard right so it didn’t look very good. Despite its bad looks the thing was practically indestructible. Casey ordered it out of our house once we got married and I didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

Instead of throwing the headboard away, I took it apart and built a storage box out of it.   named the box Jim after a guy I knew who wasn’t quite square. (Get it? Neither was the box.) Jim the Box is still sitting in our garage where it holds several hundred pounds of unused weights and other sports equipment. The box may not be square, but Jim has been durable and strong enough to hold all those weights and that’s pretty impressive.

Now to the point of this whole post. We have a reverse osmosis water filtration system under our kitchen sink. About three months ago that system stopped working. Instead of giving us clean water to drink, it drained water all over and under our kitchen cabinets and onto our kitchen floor. One day Casey used the system just to fill a glass of water and 20 minutes later our kitchen floor was covered in water. Since that incident the water filtration system has been turned off and used solely as decoration.

A guest didn’t know about the problems with the system and the guest tried to get a glass of water. When no water came out of the spout the guest just used the fridge’s water system not knowing that turning the lever on the spout would cause water to pour out of the system and all over our floor.

That was the end for me. I wasn’t going to put up with that craptastic filtration system any longer. It was either going to get fixed or it was going to get tossed. Casey told me, “Don’t worry, Peter the plumber can come over sometime this week and look at it.”

Hah. Peter the plumber? Peter the plumber has been a life-saver for us many times and I really appreciate having a plumber friend who is willing to help us so willingly.  It’s great to have good friends like that, but dang it why doesn’t my wife think I can fix a filtration system? Why does every handyman problem that pops up in our house have to be fixed by Peter the plumber? After all, the filtration system comes with a self-installation guidebook. It can’t be that hard, right?

After a session of scanning the internet for answers, I got my degree in Google plumbing and took apart the filtration system and fixed the problem. Turns out there was nothing wrong with that not-craptastic at all filtration system. The drain in our sink had backed up into the drain piping of the filtration system and clogged the filtration’s drain pipe.  Because the waste water couldn’t drain through the drain pipe, all that drain water went out an escape valve and right onto our floor.

My next challenge? Maybe I’ll finish my wife’s garden box that I started building three years ago.

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