The Time I Punished My Pregnant Wife

Before Casey got pregnant, pregnancy and all the things that came with it were completely foreign to me. Everything I knew about pregnancy came from TV shows I had watched as a kid. Meaning, I expected my pregnant wife to eat lots of food and to gain a lot of weight very quickly followed by a mad dash to the hospital where she would scream at me and break my hand as I tried to walk her through the delivery process.

A few weeks into Casey’s first pregnancy, I noticed things weren’t working as I expected them to. Casey was hungry a good chunk of the time, but she wasn’t eating very much because everything she ate she threw up. This lady of mine was throwing up at the very thought of eating food.

With the lack of food that was actually making it through her digestive track added in with some issues that came along with pregnancy, Casey was a little, uh, backed up in the back-end area. She was backed up enough that she was in pain and begging for a cure.

This all happened on a Sunday right in the middle of a Denver Broncos football game. The Broncos are my favorite team playing my favorite sport and it takes a lot to pry my eyes from the TV when they are playing. This was also the time when DVRs were things of luxury intended for the wealthy, so pausing the game and watching it later wasn’t an option.

With my limited understanding of pregnancy, and the fact that I did not want to stop watching my football game, I was less than thrilled when Casey asked me to go to the store to get her some relief for her backed-up problem.

I didn’t believe Casey really needed anything to help with her problem. I didn’t even believe that she was having a problem. I thought it was all in her head. So to teach her a lesson, I went to the store and bought her the nastiest looking medicine I could find. I don’t remember what the medicine was called, but it looked pretty milky and chalky. It looked gross enough that I wouldn’t have been able to have used it.

Casey took the medicine and a few hours later she was feeling much better. Even after realizing that Casey’s illness was a real thing, I still didn’t believe that she couldn’t keep food down.  And that will lead to another story for another day.

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