The Top 5 Christmas Movies For Dads

I stared at the screen in slack-jawed amazement. Surely this person can’t be serious. It’s Twitter, after all — you can never tell if people are earnest, being snarky, or just saying the first bizarre random thought that pops into their head. (I’m on Twitter a lot, and I’d estimate that at least 60% of my Tweets are meaningless rants.) Even if this person was joking, it was a joke that was in poor taste, to say the least:

Love, Actually is the best Christmas movie ever.”

Look, I like Love, Actually; it’s sweet, funny, and has Martin Freeman. (Bilbo Baggins!) Plus the guy holding the sign? Andrew Lincoln, who you know as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. But the best Christmas movie ever? That, my friends, is a bold statement. Still, it does have one thing going for it for dads: a great subplot involving Liam Neeson and his stepson (you know, the storyline with the little kid who has a crush on the girl who sings the big song at the end and he wins her heart by…well, I won’t spoil it). It’s actually one of many great Christmas flicks in which dads play a prominent role. Here are my Top Five Christmas Movies For Dads. Some of them might surprise you.

5. Lethal Weapon: Lest we forget, Lethal Weapon is really a Christmas movie. It takes place during the holiday season, and yes, while most of the movie involves Mel Gibson beating up and/or shooting people, Danny Glover’s Roger Murtaugh is a dad who teaches psycho cop, Martin Riggs, about the importance of being with your friends and family over the holidays. In return, Riggs teaches Murtaugh about the advantages of a 9mm Beretta with a 15 round mag.

4. Batman Returns: Bruce Wayne fights the Penguin and his army of penguins, and has a weird kinky romance with Catwoman. All of this takes place over Christmas, and while Bruce is sad that won’t be spending Christmas with his parents because they are dead, he has Alfred, plus a giant mansion AND a Batcave.

3. Bad Santa: This hilariously dark comedy stars┬áBilly Bob Thornton as the broken-down alcoholic Mall Kris Kringle that we’re all on the verge of becoming. I’d put up a clip, but this is a family site.

2. A Christmas Story: Two words: “leg lamp“.

1. Die Hard: No explanation needed.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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