The Top 5 Sites for Dads to Get in Shape This New Year

Pretty much the moment my wife and I found out about the baby, and then decided that I would be staying home, I started a regimen personal pain. I was desperate to work off the extra 30 pounds of cubicle weight I had gained from sitting on my butt every day, just so I’d have the energy to care for an infant and then, eventually, follow around a toddler.

Fast forward six years.

I lost the weight before the baby arrived and felt like the energy started to flow. Fortunately, it has continued to flow over these past many years, and I plan on competing in my first-ever triathlon this summer.

I’ve tried many, many ways to stay motivated to keep working out — gyms, videos, small personal goals — but largely it comes back to the fact that I want to have the energy to keep up with my kid, and I want to be healthy enough to stick around as she ages.

As New Year’s Day approaches and people start thinking about their own personal goals, I wanted to share a couple awesome web sites I’ve used to stay motivated, get some tips, learn more about fitness and, best of all, squeeze in some serious workouts — for free — while staying home with the kid.

It can definitely be a challenge to find the time, but I’ve found a couple great resources I pick and choose from to keep going.

Before we get to the list, however, I wanted to offer a special shout out to my favorite. It seems anticlimactic, I know, to reveal the No. 1 before I even get to the No. 5. But I love this website so much, because the workouts are short, brutal and incredibly fun. Thanks to Body Rock, I’ve been able to squeeze in quick workouts while dealing with everything from work demands, kid demands and PTA demands. I love it. And if you’re looking for an easy, free way to get an ass-kicking this new year, check it out.

That said, here are some of my favorite online resources for in-demand parents to stay healthy. I’d love to hear any of your recommendations in the comments. And best of luck with your new year’s resolutions — you can do it!

  • Six Pack Shortcuts 1 of 5
    Six Pack Shortcuts
    I don't follow him religiously and he's got a lot of things you can buy -- I haven't -- but Mike Chang comes up with some seriously brutal exercises on his site and his YouTube channel every now and then, and it's been fun to learn some new routines.
    Photo and more info from Six Pack Shortcuts.
  • Six Pack Factory 2 of 5
    Six Pack Factory
    Lots of workout routines to hit every part of your body. Again, I don't follow religiously, but who knows? You might get hooked.
    Photo and info from Six Pack Factory.
  • Ice Chamber 3 of 5
    Ice Chamber
    One of's very own from a long, long time ago used to work here, and when I found the site, I knew I'd be able to find some great, off-the-wall ways to stay in shape. Lots of anti-gym fun time workouts for a gym. Enjoy.
    Photo from Ice Chamber
  • Scott Herman Fitness 4 of 5
    Scott Herman Fitness
    I'm not much of a gym guy, but I do keep up with this site, if only to learn the proper way to do exercises when I actually do get to the gym. Lots of great chest and arms stuff here for those looking to get ripped, and he's got a boatload of followers on YouTube.
    Photo from Scott Herman Fitness
  • Body Rock 5 of 5
    Body Rock
    Now this is the site I actually DO follow religiously. The first time I did one of these workouts, I thought it would be easy but ended up vomiting. I was hooked. I think this site and the constant stream of new workouts has helped me stay in shape more than anything. It's not really about getting super huge muscles so much as getting in shape and getting back a lot of energy. I hope all these help you find some motivation!
    Photo from Body Rock


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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