The Unexplained Bruises of Toddlerhood

The Unexplained Bump on the HeadKids are resilient little creatures. They run around all day with boundless energy and with no real purpose other than to burn that boundless energy from their bodies.  In that process they fall down get hurt and get back up and run around again.

I’m never surprised when I see little faded brownish yellow spots pop on my kids’ legs.  There’s not a day of the summer when Addie doesn’t have a bump or bruise on one of her legs.  It’s just a natural consequence of playing outside with all her friends.  The only alternative to the bumps and bruises would be a brain numbing summer session of sitting in front of the TV where nothing could possibly bruise the kid’s legs.  Even then her tendency to do cartwheels and handstands in the living room would result in a few bumps and bruises.

Vivi’s no different.  That little toddler falls almost daily from one thing or another.  It doesn’t help that she’s practically fearless when it comes to scaling obstacles.

Casey bought Vivi and Addie a little indoor trampoline that came with a cushion to cover all the springs and a cushioned handle for them to hang onto as they jumped on the trampoline.  I watched Vivi  jump on that tramp and as she stood there and jumped up and down she started looking around the room.  Then her eyes stopped on one of her other toys and I could tell the kid had put together a little plan.

She immediately jumped off the trampoline and ran over to her little plastic play slide and pulled the slide over to the trampoline.  I stopped her right as she jumped off her trampoline with the intent of landing on the sloping side of the slide.

Days later I caught Vivi jumping as high as she could on that tramp and then lifting her legs mid-air so she could land on her butt on the tramp.  As soon as her butt would hit the trampoline surface she would nearly be launched off the trampoline and onto the floor.  It was as exciting to that kid as a roller coaster is to me.

That same day I watched as Vivi tried to get something off our counter.  She walked over to her toys and found her ride-able Pooh train and wheeled the train over to the counter and set it up right next to the counter.  The kid was going to use her Pooh train as a stool to get crap off the counter.   I stopped her and explained to her why that was a terrible idea, but she just looked at me and ran off.

Kids are so full of crazy ideas it’s tough to figure out what causes the unexplained bruises we find on them.  That’s what we’re trying to do now.

Casey found a pretty big purple bruise on the top of Vivi’s head.  Neither of us can pinpoint when it happened.  We can narrow down the days it could have happened, but we have no idea how or when in those days it happened.  Vivi never complained about bumping her head and she never cried about it either.  There was never a moment when she began to sob uncontrollably.  The bump on her head seems to have just appeared as if from nowhere.

Thankfully the bump is healing, and she doesn’t complain about it unless someone touches it, but it isn’t fun wondering if something happened at daycare that we weren’t told about (after eliminating possible days when the bump could have happened, daycare was eliminated as a possibility).  We’ve been very pleased with the services provided by Vivi’s daycare center.  Having doubts about your child’s daycare is no way to live.

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