To Cruise Or Not to Cruise? That Is The Question.

I don’t know how many times we’ve been asked what it’s like going on a cruise. It seems that there are a lot of people out there who are pretty curious about it, but need a little bit of a push before they’ll commit to loading up on a giant boat and heading out onto the open sea.

We also keep getting asked whether or not we got sea sick, which seems to be a major concern. I’ve never really had a problem with motion sickness, except for that one time when I was sitting in a kiddie pool watching Addie go up and down a slide. For some reason all the sloshing in that kiddie pool got to me. Outside of that, I’ve never had a problem. Casey, on the other hand, gets sick if she looks out the passenger side window or if she watches a homemade video. She used a few Dramamine here and there, but she didn’t have any problems with motion sickness while we were on the boat.

The ship is just so big that there isn’t a lot of movement. We did notice some vibrating and some rocking back and forth, but by the third or fourth day it was pretty much unnoticeable.

Some of the other questions we’ve got are about the availability of drinks, the number of people on the ship, whether there was enough time at port, and whether we’d go on a cruise again.

There are drinks that are free; lemonade, orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate, and water, but the rest of the drinks cost money. We only ordered a few drinks here and there and probably spent under $25 on drinks. There were lots of people on the ship. In fact, after our first few hours on the ship, I was wondering if we had made a mistake by going on a cruise. By the end of the cruise we had figured out how to adjust our schedule so we didn’t run into all that many people. We would have liked more time at each port, but it takes time to travel to each port and there’s not a lot that can be done about that.

Finally, we would absolutely go on another cruise.  And here are some of the reasons:

  • Game Room 1 of 20
    Game Room
    How many of you have played Jenga on a rocking boat? There's a designated game room on the ship which is where I took Casey so she could have a break from the number of people on the ship.
  • Mini-Golf 2 of 20
    There are lots of activities on the cruise ship. We played a round of mini-golf and we could have played some ping pong or some basketball.
  • Towel Pig 3 of 20
    Towel Pig
    Each night the cleaning crew would turn down the covers on our bed and leave a different shaped towel animal. The towel animals were the highlights of Casey's nights.
  • Picture Props 4 of 20
    Picture Props
    I've never seen these in the states, but each of the countries we visited had these little props in outdoor malls where people could take pictures. Seemed like a pretty cool idea.
  • Photo Bomb 5 of 20
    Photo Bomb
    The cruise ship loves to make money and one of the ways they make money is through photographs. They have photographers who stop you and take your picture so they can try to sell it to you later. We got pretty tired of being forced to have our picture taken, so we started making funny faces just as the photographer was about to take a picture. It drove the photographers nuts.
  • Shipwrecks 6 of 20
    It was pretty cool to wake up in Honduras and to see a shipwreck right out of our balcony. There were shipwrecks all around that island.
  • Coconuts 7 of 20
    We noticed in Grand Cayman that there was a guy chopping off the tops of coconuts for people for $3. No way was I going to go to Grand Cayman and not have my own coconut.
  • Stingrays 8 of 20
    The stingrays were by far the coolest part of our cruise. In this photo the tour guide is holding a large stingray for people to pet. I'm in the photo freaking out a bit inside about the stingray that was about to swim between my legs.
  • Tacky 9 of 20
    When we first walked on the ship I got a little disappointed. The ship was tacky and Casey had always hated tacky. After our first couple days on the ship the tacky grew on Casey and she was sad to see it go when our vacation was over.
  • Did Ja? 10 of 20
    Did Ja?
    Each night the cruise had an appetizer option called "Did ja?" That item included weird food people could try. Most nights I ordered the Did Ja as a way of trying new things. I had shark, frog legs, which is pictured in this image, and oysters.
  • Dessert 11 of 20
    Each night came with a dessert menu. There were changes each night, but for the most part I stuck with chocolate melting cake and butter pecan ice cream.
  • Casino 12 of 20
    The ship has a rather large casino which included this Kitty Glitter game that my wife was fascinated with. We don't really gamble, but I love watching people play the games.
  • Non-stop Dessert 13 of 20
    Non-stop Dessert
    Ice cream cones were available at all hours of the day. Casey calls the look on my face in this photo my "judgy look." I just watched some guy walk into the bathroom without shoes--anybody who does that will always get my judgy look.
  • Ocean Blue 14 of 20
    Ocean Blue
    It's hard to comprehend just how blue the water is in the middle of the ocean. It's almost hypnotic to watch the water from the side of the ship.
  • Beaches 15 of 20
    There aren't that many things in life that are as relaxing as laying in a chair on a sandy beach under a grass hut. Add in the authentic Mexican food that was brought to us in this picture and I'm pretty sure we had a little taste of heaven.
  • Rum Punch 16 of 20
    Rum Punch
    I've always loved watching people. Take a small boat after an excursion and free rum punch and you get some pretty good people watching. Casey decided to snap shots as proof that people broke out in dance mid boat ride back to the ship.
  • Balcony 17 of 20
    There are lots of pretty cheap rooms on a cruise ship. Casey decided we had to pay a little extra so we could have our own balcony. It was worth it. We could sit out on our balcony and have some peace and quiet.
  • Gelato 18 of 20
    There was a gelato shop in Grand Cayman that had the best gelato I've ever eaten. If you're ever there, get caramel sea salt flavor. Tasty.
  • Mexican Coke 19 of 20
    Mexican Coke
    Coke is pretty expensive on the ship, so it was always nice to get off the ship so we could buy an affordable drink.
  • This Lady 20 of 20
    This Lady
    The best part of the cruise was that I got to hang out with this lady the whole time. the cruise took care of all the little details of our vacation like food and travel so I could focus on relaxing and hanging out with my lady.

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