Toddler Basketball Prodigy Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

There is something fairly mystical about child prodigies, I think.

Whenever I see some video of a 11-year-old shredding away on the electric guitar or a nine year-old who plays Beethoven better than Beethoven did I feel little thrill. Little painters and tiny athletes, same thing. I want to believe that there are tiny people out there who are just born into this world with artistry and unimaginable skill sets smashing through their veins.

So, let me just cut to today’s chase here and lead you to this video below.

I haven’t bothered to fish much information on this kid up, because quite frankly, he let’s his mad talent do all the talking for him. According to a little article on The Post Game over at Yahoo! Sports, his name is Titus and he is 2.

Beyond that, who cares?

Titus a wee lad, but he is undoubtedly one of the greatest b-ball prodigies (or whatever term you want to use) that you or I have probably ever seen. In my very favorite scene, dude lays on his back, cool as a summer cucumber chompin’ on his Binkie and proceeds to stick the ball in the net like Larry Bird warming up in the early ’80s.

If this viral video doesn’t make you smile by the one minute mark, check your pulse, man…because you are probably dead.

Image: dailypicksandflicks.com

Info source: The Post Game

Video: YouTube/Joseph Ashby



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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