Top 10 Sitcom Style TV Moms

Last month I wrote about my favorite sitcom style TV dads.  I consider myself to be a connoisseur of the television and I’m not afraid to admit it, either.

I will also be the first to admit that I watch too much television, but that has never stopped me from enjoying a good relaxing evening on the couch watching my favorite TV episodes.

It has been like that for as long as I can remember. I would quickly do my work as a kid and rush in to watch my favorite afternoon cartoons. Then at night, after my dad and I were done doing the chores around the house, we would sit back and watch a few TV shows together.

When I put my list of TV dads together the list was dominated by some of my favorite TV shows. Shows like Roseanne didn’t make the list because I couldn’t stand those shows.  Well, it was more like I couldn’t stand Roseanne’s voice.  However, in some of the conversations I had following my TV dads post, I realized that a lot of people had quite a bit of respect for Dan Connor from Roseanne.

The only thing I could remember about Dan was that he would come home to an extremely annoying wife and crack open a beer. Someone pointed out that Dan should have been number one on my list because he was a blue collar dad who wasn’t dealt the best hand in life, but he was still a loyal and hard working dad. The more I have thought about Dan’s role as a father, the more I wish I had at least put him on my list.

This time around I have a little help. has put together a poll where anyone can vote on their favorite TV mom and dad. Some of the nominees are Marge Simpson, Claire Huxtable, Marie Barone, Al Bundy, and, yes, Dan Connor. So you should go vote!

Here is how I would rank the top 10 sitcom style TV moms:

  • Debra Barone 1 of 10
    Debra Barone
    Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond makes the list simply for putting up with Ray's family. I can't imagine my marriage lasting all that long if we lived across the street from my parents and siblings.
  • Marge Simpson 2 of 10
    Marge Simpson
    Marge from The Simpsons makes the list for similar reasons as Debra Barone. She puts up with one of the dumbest dads in the history of television, and yet the family has stayed together for 23 years.
  • Carol Foster Lambert 3 of 10
    Carol Foster Lambert
    Carol Foster Lambert from Step by Step makes the list because she was a divorcee who was able to combine two families and make them one. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to throw several additional adolescent kids into the mix and make it work. Somehow Frank and Carol were able to make there odd family come together.
  • Jill Taylor 4 of 10
    Jill Taylor
    Although Tim Taylor didn't make my list of top sitcom style TV dads, Jill from Home Improvement makes the list because she was the mother of three boys and she was practically raising her husband. Nearly any woman who can survive raising three boys and a husband at the same time deserves a great deal of credit.
  • Claire Dunphy 5 of 10
    Claire Dunphy
    Claire from Modern Family makes the list because she is displaying how to handle real world teenagers with real current problems. She's an imperfect mother, but her lessons are eventually taken to heart by her children.
  • Laura Lee Winslow 6 of 10
    Laura Lee Winslow
    Laura Lee Winslow from Family Matters was a no-nonsense type mother and was the perfect ying to Carl Winslow's yang. The two parents together made for a perfect dynamic in the Winslow family.
  • Jules Cobb 7 of 10
    Jules Cobb
    Jules Cobb from Cougar Town makes the list because of her ability to set the faults of her first husband aside for the benefit of her son. Divorced couples often struggle to even have a simple phone conversation, let alone hangout together as friends. Jules shows us how it is done, even if the show is filled with way too much wine.
  • Elyse Keaton 8 of 10
    Elyse Keaton
    Elyse Keaton from Family Ties makes the list because she was a work from home mother who always made time for her children.
  • Angela Bower 9 of 10
    Angela Bower
    Angela Bower from Who's the Boss makes the list because she, like many real life moms, went through a divorce and found a way to provide for her children as a single parent. She enjoyed a successful career and successfully raised her children.
  • Claire Huxtable 10 of 10
    Claire Huxtable
    Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show makes the list as the top sitcom style TV mom because she was the ultimate mom. She was a strict yet playful mother who showed her children how to be successful in life. As a mother, she became a lawyer and advanced her career all while giving her children the attention they needed.

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