15 Things Women Wish Guys Would Never Wear

Men's Fashion Fails - What Women Wish Guys Knew about FashionLet’s face it, when it comes to fashion many of us guys are clueless. Have you ever gotten the, “Are you going to wear that?” question from your wife? I just got it from our 3½ year old daughter. Really!

So help us out ladies. Think of it like this, you’ll be helping yourselves out, too. Tell us, what should guys never wear? I’ll get you started with some examples, but I need you to tell us what I’ve missed:

Men’s Gallery of Fashion Fails:

  • Crocs 1 of 15
    I know they are lightweight, comfy and you don't need to bend your lazy butt over to put them on. Yes, they come in colors to match all those ball caps you wear backwards. Trust me on this: if you'd like to have sex ever again, don't wear them.
    In case you still can't resist, purchase a pair of Crocs here.
  • Bling 2 of 15
    How many "accessories" are too many? If Mr. T would think you're over-blinged, that's too many. If you'd drown if you fell in a swimming pool, that's too many. A wedding ring and optionally a sensible watch should do.
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  • Skinny Jeans 3 of 15
    Skinny Jeans
    Unless you are a skinny teenage, emo, scene or punk girl, don't wear these. In fact, even if you do fit into one of these categories (and into the jeans) ... just say "no." And if you're a guy, well, look at the picture. 'Nuff said.
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  • Socks with Sandals 4 of 15
    Socks with Sandals
    This photo's target rich. Let's just focus on the socks. If you are wearing sandals, do not wear socks of any color. And no, it doesn't matter what kind of sandals. Oh, and cut your toe nails or don't wear sandals. Yikes.
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  • Speedos 5 of 15
    I'm guessing most guys would say no to wearing an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini? So why stuff your junk into what is basically a bikini bottom? Unless you're a swimmer competing in the Olympics, PLEASE don't wear a Speedo.
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  • Cargo Shorts 6 of 15
    Cargo Shorts
    I'm a guy, so I get it. We tend to prefer function and comfort over fashion. If one cargo pocket is good, then four are great, right? Girls, back me up here ... unless you're a soldier or on safari, ditch the cargo shorts and pants.
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  • Dockers 7 of 15
    While we're discussing pants, if there is anything that screams, "Hey, I work at a soul-sucking job in a cubicle", it's Dockers. Even if you do work in a cubicle or as sales person in a large electronics retail chain, you don't need to look like it.
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  • Skull Caps 8 of 15
    Skull Caps
    These make perfect sense if you're out in the ice and snow, but I don't care how bad a hair day you are having — there is no excuse for wearing a skull cap indoors. You're not a sk8er boi. Even Avril Lavigne has grown up. You should, too.
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  • Wife Beaters 9 of 15
    Wife Beaters
    Tell me, exactly what kind of message does wearing a wife beater send? Even if you really don't beat your wife, this is one piece of sartorial splendor you can leave out of your wardrobe. And I don't care how big your "guns" are. Don't wear them.
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  • Fanny Packs 10 of 15
    Fanny Packs
    Go back and look at what I said about cargo shorts. Yes, I can see how fanny packs might be convenient, but unless you're providing emergency medical services as part of a mountain rescue team, don't wear this one.
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  • Turtlenecks 11 of 15
    This may be a contentious one. Some guys can pull off a turtleneck. Chances are, however, you (and I) are not one of them. Oh, and about those glasses. I know the cute sales girl at the eyewear shop said they'd look sexy on you. She lied.
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  • Capris, a.k.a.: Manpris 12 of 15
    Capris, a.k.a.: Manpris
    Honestly I'm surprised this really needs to be said, but I keep seeing guys wearing capri pants. The fact that Ashton Kutcher was famously photographed recently sporting a pair should drive this point home.
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  • Pleated Pants 13 of 15
    Pleated Pants
  • Plaids & Stripes 14 of 15
    Plaids & Stripes
    Maybe you read the same article in Men's Health magazine that I did. It said it was okay, even cool, to mix plaids and stripes. It's not. Also, no polyester ties. If it has a warning label saying not to wear it near open flame, don't buy it.
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  • So what CAN we wear? 15 of 15
    So what CAN we wear?
    You tell me! Or conversely, look back through the list and tell me what I missed that you wish guys wouldn't wear? One final tip: When deciding what to wear I always ask, "What would George Clooney wear?" It serves me well. Leave a comment!
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