Babble Lists The Top Ten Group Dad Blogs: Here’s Three More You Should Read

So, yes, I’m biased: my collective, DadCentric, wound up at the top of the ruck in Babble’s roundup of Top Ten Group Dad Blogs. (Full disclosure: I also write for Man Of The House. Conspiracy theorists, you may commence theorizing.) There are certainly some great sites listed – I’ve had a hetero man-crush on the fellows at DadWagon since they launched, and I can’t say enough good things about DadLabs, who’ve been a great source of inspiration, mentorship, and parental advice (seriously – they’re the only site you’ll ever need if you want to learn the hard skills of fathering).

But as is the case with all such lists, a few notable group sites were left off. (Please, don’t send me nasty letters.) Here, in no particular order, are three of my personal favorite group/multi-author dad blogs. All of ’em are well worth your time.

How To Be A Dad: Charlie and Andy exploded onto the scene several months ago. Always funny, insightful, and above all creative, this dynamic duo navigates the treacherous waters of new dadhood with style and a lot of heart. Their Zombie Versus Baby post remains one of the greatest things ever.

Rice Daddies: This massive collective of Asian-American pops has been on the scene since 2005. You’ll find Babble Top 50 dadblogger Pierre Kim (aka MetroDad) and Daddy In A Strange Land‘s Jason Sperber (also a contributor to the excellent Rad Dad print anthology) among its members. Let’s face it: the dad-o-sphere is still dominated by white guys. Rice Daddies provides a valuable perspective on fatherhood that manages to be both unique and universal.

Daddy Dialectic: Serious but rarely somber, Daddy Dialectic is The Atlantic for the dadblogging community. Founder Jeremy Adam Smith (dude sounds like a 19th century economist, amirite?) literally wrote the book on stay-at-home dads, The Daddy Shift, and that thoughtful approach to and analysis of modern fatherhood permeates the site.

As the dadblogging community grows, we’ll see more and more group sites emerge. Did we miss anybody else? Feel free to give your favorites a shoutout in the comments section.

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