Trait Inheritance: 10 Traits I Hope My Daughters Inherit From Their Mother

Sometimes I sit back and watch Casey in her element as she moves from crowd to crowd at social gatherings. It seems so natural and comfortable to her.  She’s also very good at taking a step back from the stresses of life and finding a way to enjoy herself. Both of these characteristics of Casey’s personality are traits I admire about her, and they’re both traits I wish I had. It would be nice to be able to enter a room crowded with people and not feel the anxiety of having to have a conversation with people I don’t know. It would be nice to be able to let loose a little from the daily stresses and worries that come with being a grownup.

Just like I watch Casey as she is in her element, I watch Addie and Vivi and wonder what their personalities are going to be like when they are grown up and have kids. Will they struggle being in large groups of people like how I struggle being in large groups of people? Will they struggle with stress like I struggle with stress?  Or, will they inherit more of their mother’s traits along the way?

There are many traits I hope my kids inherit from their mother rather than from me. I hope my kids hit the trait inheritance jackpot and turn out to be little Caseys when they grow up. Here are 10 traits I hope my daughters inherit from their mother rather than from me:

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  • Creativity 2 of 11

    I've come to accept that Casey's brain works differently than mine. I think in patterns and efficiency, while Casey has thoughts of, well, I don't really know what goes on in Casey's brain, but I know that the projects she spits out and the ideas she has are always far more creative than anything I could have produced. That creativity could serve my kids well in life.

  • Eye for Photography 3 of 11

    Casey and I have both looked through the same high-end camera, but there's no question that camera works better for her than it does for me. The woman has an eye for photography that I don't have and I hope my kids pick up that same trait from Casey.

  • Reading Ability 4 of 11

    Casey can read... really fast. Many times when she asks me to silently read along with her as she scrolls through an online article, I just pretend to read because I can't keep up with her. She's a speed reader and she seems to digest everything she reads. Hopefully my kids pick up their reading ability from Casey instead of from me.

  • Optimistic 5 of 11

    Casey has always been a glass half full type of person. I've always been a glass half empty type of person. The stress of life gets to me and causes me to spend lots of hours worrying about things that don't need to be worried about. Casey, however, can sit back and set the stresses aside and enjoy an evening with friends or a week away on vacation  I would like my kids to live without the stresses that I have struggled with.

  • Writing Ability 6 of 11

    Casey has a way with words. She has the ability to put her thoughts and emotions into words that I don't have and that's a good trait to have that can be used in many aspects of life. 

  • Courage 7 of 11

    This lady of mine is very courageous. She put herself through her senior year of high school as she lived in an apartment that she paid for as an emancipated minor. She went to school to get a degree in graphic design and somehow turned that degree into a career in social media and photography. She has dared to jump at every opportunity that has come her way and it is a tremendous trait that I want my kids to inherit.

  • Mother 8 of 11

    Casey is a fantastic mother to our two kids. I was worried about Casey's ability to be a mother right up until Addie was born and all of my worries went away when I saw Casey holding Addie for the first time. Those worries have never returned. The lady knows these kids and knows what they need and when to give it to them. Our grandkids will be very lucky if their mothers turn into the type of mother Casey has been to them.

  • Kindness 9 of 11

    Casey is kind, as in constantly thinking about other people kind. She isn't afraid to go out of her way to help other people when they are in need, and it doesn't matter if she's having a bad day or if she's got a lot going on that day. The world could use more of her type of kindness and hopefully my kids can do their part to add more of that kindness to it.

  • Friendly 10 of 11

    Casey can make friends with anyone. She seeks out new friends on a daily basis and she's successful at it, all while I've made about three friends over the past 5 years. Although I've learned to live without many friends and I'm comfortable with who I am, I would prefer that my kids learn to make friends easily so they have a support system available when they need it.

  • Social Ability 11 of 11

    Casey can walk into a room full of people and bounce from group to group as if she's known those people forever. Me? I gravitate towards a quiet corner every single time. There I will sit until I feel like it's time for me to take a lap in a hallway or outside where there are no people. I don't want my kids to feel as uncomfortable in a social situation like I do. I'd much rather they be comfortable in those situations like their mother is.

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