Uh Oh: My Daughter’s First Boyfriend

Uh Oh: My Daughter's First BoyfriendI’ve always joked about how difficult it will be for me when Addie turns 14 or 15 years old and her interest in boys skyrockets and becomes more serious. Casey has never expressed the same fears that I have and there’s good reason for that—she wasn’t ever a 14 or 15 year old boy with the thoughts that run through a 14 or 15 year old’s mind.

My only solace is that I have about 5 years to prepare myself for Addie’s interest in boys, even though I feel like those days are just around the corner. Addie is only 9 years old right now and her interest in boys is pretty minimal at this point. She still comes home with stories of boys in her class constantly bugging her and other boys who she thinks like her, but nothing more serious than that. At least nothing more serious than that… until a few weeks ago.

Addie came home a few weeks ago and told Casey about a boy in her class she liked. Casey asked Addie if the boy was smart and Addie said, “Yes.” A few days later, there was a note with the proverbial check the box yes or no if you like me and Addie had her first boyfriend.

The boy? Not the smart boy she had told Casey about earlier that week. This boy was more aggressive about letting Addie know that he liked her. When Casey asked if this new boy was smart, Addie said she didn’t know. In Casey’s mind that meant Addie was settling and Casey was very frustrated by the whole thing. She was so frustrated by the whole thing that I am beginning to think that Casey may actually have more difficulty with a teenage Addie than I will.

Addie is only in the third grade and these boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are far from serious and Casey was about as worried as I’d ever seen her.

I can’t imagine what kind of worry will be brought to the surface when our daughter goes on her first real date.

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