Vacation: Excitement and Relaxation Tempered by Sadness

By the time this post gets published, Casey and I will have been on vacation for several days. And I am sure that our first vacation together since our Honeymoon will be a new experience for us. We’ve each spent time away from our girls, but it’s pretty rare for us both to be away from the girls at the same time.

Our first time away from Addie was spent traveling from New York City towards Indianapolis in search of a decent law school. It was filled with stressful thoughts. Evaluating the places where we would likely consider home for the rest of our lives was a very difficult decision. But we had left Addie back in Utah with three of the most capable girls possible. Addie and those girls are still friends today and they all consider each other to be sisters of a sort.

Other than that, Casey and I have never been away from our children at the same time. Casey and Addie have spent months and months away from me as I studied for law school. Sure I missed Addie, but I had the ability to bury that feeling deep in my soul and concentrate on law school, and I always knew that Addie was okay when she was with her mother.

Casey has spent weekends here and there away from Addie and Vivi, but I’ve always been there to be the single parent. Other than the occasional missed bath, Casey hasn’t had to worry too much about the girls while she’s gone. Casey has also always been able to Skype with Addie and Vivi on the computer and to talk with them on the phone.

While we’re on our cruise, we won’t have any contact with our girls. We’ll be completely isolated from all the usual tasks parents do day-to-day. No internet connections. No telephones. Nothing.  Just Casey and I wondering if our little girls are okay.

Thankfully my mom, who Addie calls grandma Tyse, viewed being the weeklong babysitter as an opportunity to spend more time with her granddaughters. It is comforting knowing that our girls will be able to stay in their own home, which should help with any parentsickness (if there is such a thing) that they may feel. Plus, I know my mom can raise kids—I’m still here, after all.

No matter how safe and cared for Addie and Vivi will be, I am positive that the enjoyment of our vacation will be dampened by the absence of our daughters.

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