Viral Video: Dad Freaks Out, Daughter Laughs On Amusement Park Ride

How to get in to the Daddy Hall of Fame.

The best dads will do pretty much anything for their kids, even if it means hurling themselves through the air at warp speeds after horking a funnel cake.

Over at Jezebel there is a new viral video making the rounds that really captures the special brand of love/courage/fear that is the hallmark of more than a few pops come summertime.

A recent fixed camera on a ride at Dollywood, an amusement park in Tennessee, caught one fellow’s priceless reaction to his daughter’s choice of rides and it’s a hoot. The ride itself, which as far as I can tell, is something fast and high and nauseating, doesn’t last more than a minute or so, but as someone who has been on some crazy rides in my day I can tell you with great authority that it felt like hours to this guy.

His reactions are pure and genuine comic genius.

He screams.

He curses.

He lifts his hands up off of the safety bar for like a half second and seems thrilled to bits with his daredevil move!

He swears to his daughter that he will never ever do anything so foolish again.

And then, in a valiant act of charm and affection, he immediately agrees to go up one more time with the only kid in the universe who could ever get him to do such a thing.

So hats off to this dad, and all the other ones just like him, who will be biting their lips and saying tiny prayers under their breath this summer as they sit beside their sons and daughters as that horrifying ride hisses/jerks/ and then ever so slowly begins to move.



Video: youtube/bwinkler1

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