Vivi’s First Visit to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The first time I heard about the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis was on Labor Day a month into my first year of law school. Addie and Casey were going to go to the Museum for the first time with family friends who had also moved to Indianapolis from Salt Lake City for law school. Casey told me we were all going to go for the day and I told her that wouldn’t be happening. I had to study for class and our regular pattern throughout law school was set.

I had no idea how much the Children’s Museum would help Casey survive law school. She would go there with Addie on days where she needed to get out and be with grownups. She would go there on days when she didn’t think she could handle Addie all by herself. And she wasn’t alone, either. Many of the neighboring students’ wives also went to the Children’s Museum for the same reasons as Casey.

Now Casey doesn’t go to the Children’s Museum as much. I’m home a lot more than I used to be and Casey gets to go out with adults a lot more than she used to be able to do. But now our roles have a reversed a bit thanks to Casey’s travel schedule. When Casey’s away, I need the chance to get out to have a little help with Vivi and the Children’s Museum is the perfect place.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the largest Children’s Museum in the United States and it’s a great place to take the kids and just let them explore for hours and Vivi has become a huge fan.

Here are some photos from Vivi’s first visit:

  • Dinosuars 1 of 10

    The Children's Museum has dinosaurs smashing out of the outer walls and other dinosaurs peering through the windows to the inside of the museum. Vivi loves the dinosaurs. They're her favorite part and she regularly asks us if she can "see dinosaurs." 

    Photo Credit:  Children's Museum of Indianapolis Website

  • Bumblebee 2 of 10

    After walking past the dinosaurs, the kids are greeted by the Transformer Bumblebee. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr

  • Caves and Dinosaurs 3 of 10

    The Dinosaur section has lots of little places for kids to crawl through in order to view dino fossils. It's a bit more difficult for me. 

  • Paleontologists 4 of 10

    This is a picture of Addie watching some real paleontologists clean a dinosaur bone. I think that this is one of the coolest pictures. During my childhood I wanted to be a paleontologist and to be able to watch some in real life is still pretty incredible.

  • Throw the Bones 5 of 10

    There is an area where kids can give paleontology a try with rubber bones and clay. Vivi was more interested in throwing the bones than uncovering them.

  • Dinosaur Suits 6 of 10

    There is an area where the kids can put on dinosaur suits and dinosaur gloves. The area is fully equipped with dinosaur nests and eggs that the kids can move around and pretend to raise a dinosaur family.

  • Lots of Water 7 of 10

    Vivi's second favorite place in the Children's Museum is the water area. The kids can build sail boats and change how the water flows to guide the boats down a track. 

  • Except that the Water Area Isn’t Really For Toddlers 8 of 10

    Vivi's still a little short for the water area, but she finds ways to make it work.

  • See? 9 of 10

    Even with the raised stools and the shorter sides on this particular water exhibit, Vivi still struggled to reach the water. But she got up there!

  • Even if She Has to Climb Into the Exhibit 10 of 10

    When Vivi wants water she gets water. The kid tried to climb into the exhibit, but I can't blame her because the girl next to her did actually manage to get in there. I tried to get a picture of the girl walking around like a giant in a pretend water town but her dad came sprinting towards her and pulled her out before my camera app would load.

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