Watch Boy’s Epic Reaction to Family Baby Reveal! (VIDEO)


No one can ever predict how a young kid is going to react when he or she finds out that they will soon have a baby brother or sister.

Kids are as fickle as the wind, you know. They’re up and they’re down and they’re all over town.

But sometimes, on those special rare occasions like the one you are about to see, even the most hilarious and unpredictable children react in new and inventive ways.

In this instance, some parents are obviously really excited about sharing the big news with their kids, and finally letting them in on the baby reveal! Hey there’s a lot at stake if you’re a kid wondering hard about whether it’ll be a brand new baby boy or a baby girl crashing your world.

For this particular family, who already appear to have a few sisters in the mix, it seems like there was at least one little dude, Gunner, who was kind of hoping for a brother to even things out a little. So, you have to empathize with the guy a bit.

He’ll be okay in the long run, I have no doubt. And I am pretty certain that if young Gunner is this passionate about things in his life, then he must be a pretty awesome big brother to have.

But still … his reaction, caught in the moment, to the news of a baby girl is pretty priceless, indeed.


Info: The Poke

Video/Image: YouTube/ Tiffany Mertlich


Article Posted 2 years Ago

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