What’s the Best Age for Kids to Start T-Ball? (VIDEO)

Play ball!
Play ball!

Ahhh, t-ball.

That institution of lightly organized chaos that marks the beginning of a long life of lightly organized chaos for young boys and girls across this great land. Some of my very earliest memories are rough sketches of moments in my t-ball career, believe it or not.

I remember running wildly over dirt and grass with people cheering from the stands even though I had no idea what I was running to, or from, or for. Come to think of it, I don’t think they were actually cheering for me after all, but whatever. I had fun, I think.

And that’s the goal, huh?

Yet now as a father of a  little girl who likes to have a good time, but who hasn’t really shown me one way or another that she is ‘ready’ for t-ball (how do you know? aren’t all kids pretty much ready for outdoor madness?), I am wondering hard if I should take the plunge and sign her up this year, when she has just turned 4, or if I should give her another year?

So, help a daddy out if you can.

Have you had a child in t-ball before, or are you getting ready to have one this year? And if so, are you confident that your 3 or 4 year-old will have a blast out there, or are you a little leery about it?

For those of us wondering about the monumental ‘T-Ball Question’, I am throwing in this very cool little video I found on YouTube that makes a really good case for the greatest game in the world played by the most awesome players in sports history.



Video: YouTube/106ravinplace

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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