Who Was That Masked LEGO Figure?

Disney Lone Ranger LegoThe Lone Ranger television program was well before my time (as was the radio show), but I grew up with the reruns and loved them like they were freshly made (in some factory that only made black and white television programs). The Lone Ranger and Tonto were two rugged heroes of the wild west defeating bad guys and bonding like the best of buds—it spoke to my little boy soul.

The years passed and the dynamic duo gave way to other adventures, and I traded my six-shooter for a cape and wearing my underwear on the outside of pants. It’s a thing. Then I turned my gaze to the sky and the galaxies far, far away. With every new alien race I discovered the Lone Ranger and Tonto faded into the realm of random pop culture trivia, which, to be fair, is where I keep most of my stuff.

Is it just me or does my life sound an awful lot like Andy’s from Toy Story. Who knew?

The point is, now that Disney is releasing The Lone Ranger I am able to revisit one of the favorites from my childhood, and this time I have company—my two boys are very excited about the film. They don’t really know anything about the show (although I’m thinking about picking it up on DVD), and their knowledge of cowboys consists mainly of visiting relatives in Tucson and taking countless rides on Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but they are excited. Little boy excited, which is almost as much fun to witness as it was to live. Almost.

Basically, my boys and I are building our love of The Lone Ranger together, which is probably the greatest segue into a LEGO conversation that has ever been written. Look it up, I’ll wait.

Lone Ranger LEGO set

The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Set from LEGO is like two toys in one (well, more if you use your imagination). First, it is an amazing collection of characters from the film, including Tonto, the Lone Ranger and his trusty steed Silver (plus Rebecca Reid, Danny Reid, Butch Cavendish, Latham Cole, and Captain Fuller), and second, it is a train set! That’s right, a train set. There is also an exploding water tower, which is nice touch.

Needless to say, my boys and I have taken to calling each other kemo sabe and exploring the wild west, one brick—and one book at a time. No, we aren’t using the books to make bridges for the train (at least not yet).

When the LEGO Lone Ranger set arrived I was prepared for some building together excitement, and also an increased interest in the movie and TV show; however, I wasn’t expecting our LEGO play to become our LEGO lessons, but that is exactly what has happened. We spend just as much time talking about the old west, the native peoples, and the history of it all as we do making choo-choo noises, and I think LEGO would be okay with that.

There is a whole line of LEGO sets for Disney’s The Lone Ranger, and our westward expansion is still going strong—we’ll get another set as soon as the boys finish their book report.

Hi-yo, LEGO! Away!


Whit HoneaRead more from Whit Honea at his site Honea Express and the popular group blog DadCentric. You can follow Whit on the Twitter or Pinterest (his opinions are his own and do not reflect those of Babble or most rational people). The LEGO set discussed above was provided by LEGO, and all opinions are my own.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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