Why My Family will Continue to Participate in Upcoming Marathon Celebrations

Why My Family will Continue to Participate in Marathons.Last year I ran my first half-marathon after training for the run for a whopping four days.  This year I’ve put in a little more training in preparation for my second half-marathon.

Last year’s half-marathon and this year’s half-marathon are part of the Indy 500 Festival and is known as the Indy Mini Marathon.  Approximately 35,000 people participate in the Indy Mini each year, and thousands more head to downtown Indy to celebrate with the Mini participants.

Most people gather near the finish line at a park that sits adjacent to the finish line.  From the little that I remember form last year, due to the fact that I was barely conscious after running the longest distance of my life, there were bands and food and all kinds of people in that park next to the finish line. Thousands more people were lined up and down the main street where the finish line was located.

The last three months of my life have been consumed by this Mini Marathon.  I went on a very restrictive diet and lost 30 pounds.  I’ve trained to the point where running 13.1 miles doesn’t make me tired.  I’ve put in hours and hours of cross training.

Then the events in Boston occurred.

I was shaken up a bit when I started reading the news about what was happening.  My dad called me to get some last minute—literally—details put together for my tax extension before it was too late to get the extension in the mail by the deadline.  It took me a few minutes to get back into a real life mode and focus on the answers my dad was looking for.

Outside that initial shock and the general sadness that comes with knowing that tragic things happen, I hadn’t even thought about the upcoming Mini and how Boston would affect that race.

About three hours after the bombings occurred in Boston, the organizers of the Indy Mini sent out an email reassuring people participating in the Indy Mini that security has been one of their concerns for years and that it would remain so this year.  Basically, the Indy Mini organizers didn’t want people to be scared to participate in the Indy Mini because of what happened in Boston.

I read just a few sentences of the email and then deleted it and didn’t think anything more of it.  Then one of my secretaries asked if I was still going to run in the Indy Mini and if so if my kids still wanted to watch me cross the finish line.

Of course I’m going to run in the Indy Mini and of course my kids are going to head down to that park in downtown Indianapolis.  Bad things happen in this world, but you never really know when they are going to happen and avoiding any potential situation that could result in a tragedy is not the way I want to live my life and it’s not the way I want my kids to live their lives.

The vice presdient of the jewelry store Shreve, Crump & Low in Boston decided to open the jewelry store the day after the bombings because he believed that staying closed would allow the sick person(s) who were responsible for the bombing to win.  As soon as we start altering our lives in fear of what some nut job is going to do, is the day that nut job wins and accomplishes his/her/their goals.

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