Your Wife’s Surprising Turn-on

Father and Son Fast AsleepLast night my wife looked over my shoulder, and saw me browsing photos on the Internet. She exclaimed, “Oh, you’re looking at mommy ___!” That last word started with “p” and ended with “orn”.

“I’m sorry?” I stuttered, suddenly feeling the need to clear my browser cache. She patiently went on to explain something to me I’d previously not known about female arousal.

In all fairness, there’s nothing all that surprising about finding something I don’t know about about female arousal, but let’s not get in to that right now.

According to my wife almost nothing is more of a turn-on to a mother than seeing a man cuddling a baby… or seeing him washing the dishes.

I totally understood the part about the dishes, but was momentarily surprised a dad cuddling his baby could be some sort of mommy aphrodisiac?

Perhaps the feeling some women get seeing a man holding his child is a vestige of primitive maternal protection instinct… or a desperate need for sleep?

Whatever the cause, apparently women do love a big strong guy who’s not afraid to show his soft nurturing side. Oh, and that bit about the dishes, that works, too.

So, far be it from me to stand between any of you female readers and your daddy-baby-cuddle fix. Here are my top 10 favorite photos for your viewing pleasure.

Which is your favorite? It will be hard to pick just one. Warning: Serious adorableness ahead! I should also mention, one of them is me. Can you guess which?

  • Sea, sun, sand & cuddles 1 of 10
    Sea, sun, sand & cuddles
    Who's more sleepy in this photo, the baby or the new dad? Do you remember feeling like this. Oh, you still do? There's something about skin on skin, isn't there?

    Photo credit: DreamAway via stock.xchng

  • Safe in daddy’s hands 2 of 10
    Safe in daddy's hands
    Looking back on my own childhood it's time playing with my dad (rough-housing, as my mom called it) that I most remember. For a big tough guy like my father, it was a way for him to still give us boys "cuddles".

    Photo credit: stock.xchng

  • All together now, 3 of 10
    All together now,
    All dressed up and looking good. Don't you just love the glow of love you see when some dads look at their kids? It warms the heart. Oh, and next to my baby, this is one of the cutest ever!

    Photo credit: stock.xchng

  • The eyes have it 4 of 10
    The eyes have it
    You've probably figured out from the fact the photographer has the same last name as me that this is of my baby girl and me. My daughter was barely a month old, but look at the eye contact. Love it. Miss her being this tiny. [sniff]

    Photo credit: Shannon Schmid via

  • Seashore daddy cuddles 5 of 10
    Seashore daddy cuddles
    There's something about a dad taking their child places just the two of them. Perhaps it's their favorite restaurant, the park or the zoo... or all the way across the country to watch to tide roll out. Kids cherish those memories.

    Photo credit: madmaven via stock.xchng

  • How adorable is this? 6 of 10
    How adorable is this?
    Which of these photos is your favorite? Next to the one of me and my daughter, this one is my favorite. Can't you can just feel how comfortable and secure this little boy feels sleeping wrapped in his daddy's arms?

    Photo credit: stock.xchng

  • What are you lookin’ at? 7 of 10
    What are you lookin' at?
    While the backwards cap might not have made the cut on the What Guys Shouldn't Wear post, it is the pride evident in this dad's face that made this photo special to me. And don't you just love the little guy's attitude!

    Photo credit: stock.xchng

  • Kisses from daddy 8 of 10
    Kisses from daddy
    Sometimes it seems that mothers are more comfortable giving affection to their kids? Do you think it because dads are sometimes more reserved than moms that it makes daddy kisses like the moment captured in this photo even more special?

    Photo credit: stock.xchng

  • Cute curls & comforting cuddles 9 of 10
    Cute curls & comforting cuddles
    This wealth of tousle-haired cuteness paired with the well groomed, albeit follicley-challenged, chrome-dome make the perfect counter point, don't you think? And this baby's eye's are seriously gorgeous, no?

    Photo credit: stock.xchng

  • Eye to eye! 10 of 10
    Eye to eye!
    If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, then this dad and son are taking an inter-generational trip deeply into each others. Totally adorable, right?

    Photo credit: stock.xchng

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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