10 Disney Characters Who Deserve to Be on Santa’s Nice List

There comes a time in which a good deed from a Disney character really hits home. Some characters bring laughter to your home, while others really stand out by way of their actions.

These are the folks who deserve to be on Santa’s nice list, whether it’s for fighting against evil or conquering everyone’s hearts with humility and love. Here are 10 Disney characters who deserve to be on Santa’s nice list — permanently.

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    10 Disney Characters that Deserve to be on Santa's Nice List

    Out of the kindness of their hearts, they've earned a spot on Santa's nice list!

  • The Thugs: The Trusty Sidekicks 2 of 11
    pub, tangled

    In the movie Tangled, we got to meet a group of rowdy thugs that would send any person running for the hills. Although they fell in love with Rapunzel's personality, they didn't exactly get along with Flynn Rider. But by the end of the movie, we saw how they rescued Flynn from jail so that he could help Rapunzel escape from the evil Mother Gothel. Aren't they nice?

  • Dug: The Loyal Friend 3 of 11
    dug, up

    What can you say about a dog that really turns out to be man's best friend? Dug was considered the lowliest of the pack, and yet he went against his master and the rest of the dogs by saving Carl and Russell in the movie UP! Noble act, indeed.

  • The Huntsman: The Savior 4 of 11
    palace servant, snow white

    This huntsman deserves a medal of honor! After finding mercy in his heart to let Snow White run away from the Evil Queen instead of killing her, he went out of his way to make sure the Queen doesn't find Snow White at all. By giving the Queen a pig's heart and lying about Snow White being dead, this huntsman deserves high honors on the nice list.

  • Gus: The Protector 5 of 11
    gus from cinderella

    Gus: my favorite of all the mice in the movie Cinderella. Even though he's small, he protected "Cinderelli" with all his might. If he's not trying to feed his belly, he's making sure Cinderella gets to achieve her dream of attending the ball at the castle.

  • Jane: The Brave Gal 6 of 11

    Jane is full of compassion and hope — that is, until she falls in love with an unlikely suitor. She couldn't help but go gaga over Tarzan's natural wit and and good looks. It takes a strong heart to go against the trend, but Jane did just that when she accepted the fact that Tarzan was her true love.

  • Pongo: The Proud Father 7 of 11
    101 dal

    Pongo is the proud father to 101 dalmatians. 101! I would go nuts if I had 101 kids, let alone all at the same time! In the movie 101 Dalmatians, we saw how Pongo defended his litter of puppies from the evil Cruella De Vil. For having patience and defending his family, Pongo is on the nice list.

  • Mushu: The Honorable 8 of 11

    Poor Mushu. In the movie Mulan, Mushu was granted temporary "guardianship" of Mulan in order to prove that he should be reinstated as a family guardian. He went through so much while trying to keep up with Mulan when she joined the imperial army in order to save China. He kept her safe and didn't leave her side. That's a pretty good guardian, if you ask me.

  • Nancy: The Better Person 9 of 11
    nancy, animated enchanted

    In the movie Enchanted, Nancy was engaged to Robert, who turned out to be Giselle's one true love. We all saw how Nancy selflessly gave up Robert in order for Giselle's dream to come true. Nancy deserves to be on the nice list, because she didn't get crazy and join the evil forces and go against Robert and Giselle. As a matter of fact, because she was nice, she ended up finding her own Prince Charming and living as the queen in the animated world of Andalasia.

  • Chatter Telephone: The Unbreakable 10 of 11
    FP phone in toy story 3

    The Fisher-Price telephone that we all grew up with did a noble act by helping Woody and his friends get out of Sunnyside Daycare Center. He did it to help the toys, even though he knew he would be taking a huge risk if he were to get caught by Lotso and his gang of mean toys in the movie Toy Story 3.

  • George: The Believer 11 of 11
    george dear, peter pan

    No one wants to grow up, right? Being a grown up is so hard. George Darling, from the movie Peter Pan, is a mature, no-nonsense kind of guy. But when it came down to maintaining order in his home, he was strict and to the point. He didn't want his kids to be immature by believing in fantasies. But in the end, it was George who rediscovers his own childhood fantasies when he recognizes the adventurers from Never Land.

Who would you add to the list?

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Studios

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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