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After a truly spectacular movie, once the lights have come on and you whisk away the remnants of popcorn kernels from your lap, you are often left wanting more. You do not want the magic to end. It’s as if you went on some fabulous — albeit short — vacation but didn’t get to leave the locale with a T-shirt, mug, or snow dome. You yearn to take a piece of that story home with you to keep and cherish forever. That’s just what happened to my daughter and I after we saw Disney’s Maleficent.

Maleficent, thanks to the vision of director Robert Stromberg, is a feast of beauty and boldness. And while we can’t actually go to the Moors and hang out by the bubbling streams with Angelina Jolie, there are plenty of souvenirs that we can order and incorporate into our closet, playroom, and even bedroom. And these items aren’t just things you’d find en masse at a big-box store; these are unique objects from amazing designers like Stella McCartney, Crow’s Nest, and Naeem Khan.

Check out 10 of our favorite pieces of Maleficent magnificence right here.

Maleficent Outfit by Stella McCartney 1 of 10
You know what is totally awesome about this Maleficent-inspired dress by Stella McCartney? It's not just a "costume" — it also makes a stunning party dress. It does double duty! Not pictured here are the wings that come with the outfit that really elevate it into the realm of fantasy.

Available from: Stella for $140 here.
Aurora Dress by Stella McCartney 2 of 10
If your little girl is more of an Aurora type than Maleficent type, well Stella McCartney created a fabulous frock just for her. This dress is STUNNING. Yes, all caps stunning. It's simple yet dreamy and that signature Aurora blue with gold detailing adds a totally royal flair. Yes, it's pretty princess worthy.

Available from: Stella for $170 here.
Fine Jewelry by Crow's Nest 3 of 10
Now, this jewelry is not, I repeat, not child's play. This is serious jewelry that doesn't just pack power but a hefty price tag. Crow's Nest created this edgy line of fine jewelry that ranges in price from $5,180.00 - $20,880.00. These pieces, inspired by thorns, horns, dragons, feathers, and fire, really do capture the essence of the film in metal form. The seven-piece collection is available at specialty stores such as Fivestory and Fragments in NYC.
Naeem Khan Cropped Jacket 4 of 10
Can't you totally see Angelina Jolie sporting this on the red carpet? Not as Maleficent, but just as a movie star? I sure can. This Naeem Khan Embellished Cropped Jacket is tough and feminine, just like Angelina (and her character Maleficent).

Available from: HSN for $239 here.
Maleficent Mac Lipstick 5 of 10
This, my friends, is a perfect shade of red. It's strong, sexy, and powerful -- just like Maleficent.

Available from: MAC for $17.50 here.
Clever Carriage Company Satchel 6 of 10
How much do I want this purse? SO MUCH. It's simple but makes a statement and mirrors the dark hues of the movie. That it's inspired by such a great film is just a coincidence, it's just a great bag regardless.

Available from: HSN for $549 here.
Aurora Deluxe Costume for Girls 7 of 10
What little girl wouldn't want to play dress up in this gorgeous deluxe Aurora costume? The second they put it on they will totally get in touch with their inner princess, just keep them away from the spinning wheel.

Available from: Disney Store for 79.95 here.
Dragon Shoes for Boys by Stella McCartney 8 of 10
I have one complaint about these Stella McCartney inspired shoes: They don't come in my size! I love that they created these dragon shoes for the Maleficent boy fans out there, and there are plenty of them!

Available from: Disney Store for $184.95 here.
Estate by Highgate Manor Rosette Three-piece Quilt Set 9 of 10
Yes, they even created Maleficent inspired items for the bedroom. This three-piece quilt set is moody, romantic, and very chic, yup, just like the movie.

Available from: HSN for $349.95 here.
Maleficent Disney Film Collection Doll 10 of 10
While this may be a doll, this lovely object is to put on the shelf not for your little one to play with. It's the kind of doll you actually buy two of, one to display and one to store away as a collector's item.

Available from: Disney Store for $34.95 here.



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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