10 Most Memorable Births in Disney History

That I’m a major Anglophile is definitely¬†no secret, and like many of my fellows, I excitedly joined the Royal Baby Bump Watch, the Royal Baby Watch (called the due date), the Royal Baby Boy Watch (called the gender) and finally, the Royal Baby Name Reveal (called “George” too).

And, while it’s obvious I should definitely place a friendly bet or two the next time a high-profile guessing game comes around, I’m beyond thrilled for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they get to experience all the amazing feels that come with being first-time parents.

His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge‘s birthday will definitely be one for the history books – mum Catherine’s pregnancy was probably the most watched in the world – and as a nod to the newborn noble, what better way to celebrate his arrival than with 10 of the most memorable births in Disney history?

Welcome, little prince. Watch these classics with your parents when you get older.

  • Every baby’s birth is a special one. 1 of 12
    PicMonkey Collage

    Relive some of most memorable birth's in Disney history.

  • It’s a Boy! 2 of 12
    Walt Disney World First Ears

    Walt Disney World's Facebook page created this sweet congratulatory message for the Duke and Duchess. I DIE over the "My 1st Ears" and teeny crown.

  • 101 Dalmations 3 of 12
    101 Dalmations

    Puppies. Just the thought of their warm little wrinkles gives me the happies. Multiply that feeling by a lot, and you might get close to the joy that Pongo and Perdita felt as they welcomed all 101 of their wee ones to the world. Lucky, thanks for making us fall right out of our seats.

  • Bambi 4 of 12

    When this little king is born, all the forest's woodland creatures come to see him take his first wide-eyed look around before testing out his sweet spindly legs. Squee. Just squee.

  • Dumbo 5 of 12

    Every time I picture Mrs. Jumbo excitedly receiving her hefty little bundle of baby elephant goodness from the stork and unwrapping it ever so lovingly, things get all watery and shiny. Blame the hay. Yes, the hay.

  • Lady and the Tramp 6 of 12
    Lady and the Tramp

    After all that drama with Aunt Sarah, the Siamese cats, the muzzle, the rat and the baby bassinet tipping over, the arrival of Lady and Tramp's puppies is a welcome distraction. A welcome, absolutely adorable distraction.

  • Finding Nemo 7 of 12

    Sigh. Nemo and his "lucky" fin. His birth is nothing short of miraculous. Every time I see Marlin and Coral watch over their little cave filled with eggs it makes me misty.

  • Tangled 8 of 12

    Rapunzel's mother is the only main Disney character shown with a pregnant belly, which is probably what makes her fight to survive that much more touching. So many of us can identify with her struggle, and then to see her little golden-haired darling at the end of it all? Happy, happy sigh.

  • The Lion King 9 of 12

    This little king's birth sets off a whole internet meme.

  • Hercules 10 of 12

    Born high on Mount Olympus, this blue-blooded son of the gods was kind of a big deal before anybody else. That he eventually uses his superhuman powers for the good of humankind makes his tumultuous beginnings even better.

  • Sleeping Beauty 11 of 12
    Sleeping Beauty

    Such a happy beginning to this movie. Well wishes come to bestow good fortune on the beautiful newborn princess, everyone is merry and carefree. Let's just keep thinking about that part.

  • Tinker Bell 12 of 12
    Tinker Bell

    Though it's not a traditional birth or one that comes via the stork, this plucky little fairy's beginnings are beautiful in their own right. In the words of J.M. Barrie, "When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies."


Photo credits: Walt Disney World Facebook Page (“My 1st Ears” photo only), Walt Disney Studios, Disney-Pixar

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