10 Spooktacular Halloween Safety Tips Inspired by Monsters University

Experience the tradition of academic excellence, groundbreaking research, development of the next generation of leadership, and the relentless pursuit of scariness this Halloween with Monsters University — available now on Blu-Ray and DVD.

And while you and your littles carve pumpkins, put the finishing touches on epic costumes, hit classroom parties, and otherwise plan out the ultimate neighborhood trick-or-treating strategy (scary feet keep things moving), don’t forget one very important, albeit less exciting, part of All Hallow’s Eve — safety.

Because seeing a ghost and being a ghost are two entirely different things. (Pretty sure Randall knows, considering he ended up in somebody’s stew. Shudder).

Just take it from the experts.

After all, they scare because they care:

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    10 Spooktacular Halloween Safety Tips

    Happy haunting!

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    Film Review Monsters University

    Play nice, people. Don't take each other's candy ... or Scare Pigs. "Spookley the Square Pumpkin" and "Room on the Broom" are great 101s, if you need a refresher.

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    MU 2

    Make sure kids carry ID. Or wear it, because trying to add pockets to that Boo costume is next to impossible. Two easy ways to do it: Uh Oh Bands and Allermates. And if their wrists are buried under gihugic coats, go all crafty and affix to your kids' shoes with a hair tie or rubber band. Boom.

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    MU 3

    Stick together. Everything is better when you do it with a team. Or your family.

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    MU 4

    Wear reflective clothing. If you don't already have eyes that glow in the dark, that is...

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    Always have mom, dad, grandparents, or other trusted adults nearby. Because you never know when you'll need a getaway car. Just saying.

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    MU 7

    Don't touch things you shouldn't. 

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    MU 9

    Blend in with your surroundings, because the night is all about getting treats, not falling for tricks.

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    MU 12

    Remember that it's okay to be cute. You don't have to be scary! You just have to be fearless.

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    MU 16

    Roar like a monster. It's the one night a year when no one minds. And it's a great way to keep from getting lost. Yes, this applies to grown-ups, too.

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    MU 15

    Parents, if this is the face you make when you realize you ate most of the Halloween candy before Halloween, relax. You'll be out with your kids for most of the evening anyway. Or ... don't answer the door. Just don't hand out floss or raisins, whatever you do, unless you like cleaning TP off your house. And trees. And yard. Hey, safety first. 

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