10 Magical Texts from Disney Princesses to their Princes

First, we saw what some of our favorite Disney girls might document from their daily lives if they used Instagram.

Now, thanks to Tumblr user Miss Macey Mouse, we get to see what Disney Princesses might text their princes about.

The self-proclaimed Disney fanatic was inspired to create her collection of cute texts while doing just that.

“I enjoy creating new and original pieces of fan art to share with my friends and followers,” she said as we chatted over email. “One evening when texting with a friend, I wondered what princesses would text about if they had the technology we have today.”

The result is a series of sweet messages between the princesses and their Disney princes.

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“In my mind, this is still very much happily ever after with a more few zings of sass and personality,” Macey says. “Overall I just wanted to create a wholesome laugh based on some of the world’s most beloved characters.”


So what’s next? Their personal Facebook pages? Vines?


Until then, read through these 10 texts:

[collection type=’slideshow’ style=’classic’]


Photo credits: Miss Macey Mouse

Please note that though magical, none of the images in this post are officially affiliated with the Disney brand.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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