10 Ways Back to School is Like a Disney Vacation

10 Ways Back to School is Like a Disney Vacation


Okay, I admit it. As I was putting the kids on the bus Monday morning, in my heart I was wishing that we were boarding a plane to Walt Disney World Resort for a family vacation. Instead of doing homework, we’d be watching fireworks. Instead of boarding school buses, we’d be on Mickey’s Magical Express. I let my mind wander, and I realized … back to school and a Disney vacation aren’t so dissimilar after all! In fact, here are the 10 ways back to school is like a Disney vacation:

  1.  You get to buy new clothes and plan amazing first day outfits, and maybe even match your siblings (everyone wear their red Mickey shirt!!).
  2. You get to meet and make new friends.
  3. Before you leave, you’ve got to label and tag everything. You don’t want to lose your water bottle on the classroom/playground.
  4. You’ve got to pack your bags! Whether you’re loading up a suitcase with sunscreen or a backpack with notebooks, it feels about the same … right?
  5. You look forward to time on the playground. While the monkey bars aren’t quite the same as Space Mountain, it’s all a good time!
  6. You wake up early so that you don’t miss the bus/rope drop.
  7. You follow your schedule closely to make it to every class/FastPass window on time.
  8. Mom takes tons of pictures and posts them all over social media.
  9. You’re excited for each day knowing you’re going to learn new things about reading, writing, arithmetic, and all of the other subjects featured in Innoventions.
  10. You can’t wait to get there and see your new classroom/resort room.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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