12 Amazing Disney Princess Inspired Vacations!

What inspires your family vacations? Sometimes it’s a quest for sun and sand, while sometimes it’s just to get out of town. We have 12 family-friendly suggestions that have a totally different inspiration Disney princesses. Yes, instead of just going to the Jersey Shore yet again or heading down to that resort down in Cabo, use well-loved Disney characters like Snow White, Jasmine, or Belle to inspire your next big trip.

These vacations span the globe from Europe to the Middle East to China to right here in the US. Check them out here, and let us know which one YOU and your family would want to go on most!

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  • Tiana-Inspired Vacation 2 of 13

    If you are looking for a Princess and the Frog inspired vacation then you must, I repeat, must go to New Orleans. Take your kids to the historic French Quarter to experience good old fashioned N'awlins style. Make sure to go get a bowl of gumbo at one of the best restaurants in the area, like Commander's Palace Restaurant or Restaurant R'evolution.


    Be sure to see some wilderness, since that's where Tiana spent a lot of time -- you can take the family to a swamp tour such as the one Cajun Pride Swamp Tours provides or ones by Cajun Encounters Tours.


    Just don't let your little girls kiss any frogs or make any deals with Voodoo men.



  • Belle-Inspired Vacation 3 of 13

    I've always fantasized about traveling to Belle's beautiful little French village, but it seemed too much like a fairy tale. But you know what? Towns like hers exist!


    A great Belle-inspired vacation would be to go to Colmar in the Alsace region in Northeast France. Stay in the quaint Saint Martin Hotel in the middle of town, stroll along the little cobblestone streets, and treat yourself to one of the delicious baked goods they are known for.


    One of Belle's favorite activities is reading and there are several quaint bookstores in town, but be warned  -- the books are probably mostly in French!


  • Ariel-Inspired Vacation 4 of 13

    Of course an Ariel-inspired vacation would need to be by the ocean so that she could be by her family and sea-dwelling friends!


    Our pick for Ariel lovers would be a vacation with lots and lots of Disney magic like Aulani, a Disney resort and spa in Hawaii. The resort is perfect for families to come together and make magical memories; from playing in the pool, learning about Hawaiian culture, and splashing in the ocean, there really is something for everyone even mermaids! You can go snorkeling in the ocean and see some of the treasures of the sea -- maybe even befriend a fish or two. Bringing a dinglehopper with you is optional.


    You can find out more about Aulani right here.

  • Merida-Inspired Vacation 5 of 13

    For a Merida-inspired vacation, there is only one place to go, and that's Scotland!


    And you know what? Adventures by Disney makes it very easy to walk in Merida's footsteps. Their family tour includes such highlights as visiting Loch Ness, going horseback riding on the Rothiemurchus Estate, touring castles, and getting an intro to archery. And seeing that horseback riding and archery are two of the Pixar princess's favorite activities, this tour really gets into the Merida spirit. And don't worry ... you won't encounter any bears and you don't have to try the haggis.


    You can read more about the Brave-inspired itinerary right here.




  • Jasmine-Inspired Vacation 6 of 13

    For a taste of the Middle East, Dubai is a great, safe place to take your family on a Jasmine-inspired vacation.


    For a full-service hotel with everything you need for the whole family, you can't go wrong with the Atlantis The Palm, which even has a giant kids' club. You'll also have to visit the Jumeirah Mosque,  go on a Desert Safari, and go on a tour atop a camel


    To get into the spirit of the film, you should really check out the shopping at the souks, a market where you can buy exotic fabrics, spices, and more (just don't get in touch with your inner street rat and steal any bread). You can also shop for a Persian rug to bring home, although it should be noted that these carpet do not fly. Sorry. 

  • Snow White-Inspired Vacation 7 of 13
    snow white

    The original Brother Grimm character Snow White comes from Germany, so of course we had to pay homage to her origins with a Snow White-inspired vacation to Bavaria.


    There is much to do in Bavaria with children. You and your family can stay at the Kinderland Resort where kids can visit with the animals, grab their own eggs for breakfast, and visit Germany's largest ice cave. Another great option is the FAMILOTEL Simmerl in the Bavarian Forest that features a tree house, pool and horses.


    Plus while you are in Germany you've can to take your child to the Black Forest, but be warned -- you probably won't run into a house of 7 dwarves living there.

  • Cinderella-Inspired Vacation 8 of 13

    Yes, another German vacation based on a Disney princess. This one will also head to Bavaria, but for a very good reason: you need to go to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the opulent home built by King Ludwig II in the late 1800s. This structure was one of the castles that inspired Cinderella's castle at Walt Disney World!


    While you are at the Neuschwanstein Castle, you will have to take a spin around the ballroom (a baby blue ball gown is optional). And keep on the look out for your own fairy godmother ... you never know when one of them will show up!




  • Mulan-Inspired Vacation 9 of 13

    If you are looking for a Mulan-inspired vacation, there is just one place to go China. To make a family-friendly trip trouble-free to this faraway land, Adventures by Disney makes it easy. 


    The Adventures by Disney vacation goes to Beijing and Hong Kong. You'll meet pandas and see the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an. This amazing itinerary is full of culture, history, and is very much in the spirit of Mulan. You'll be able to try your hand at Chinese stick-fighting (since Mulan was an excellent warrior), you'll get to visit temples as seen in the movie, and of course you'll love the food! You'll be able to eat just like Mulan!


    You can find out more about the Adventures by Disney China vacation right here.

  • Pocohantas-Inspired Vacation 10 of 13

    Pocahontas is the only Disney princess that is based on a REAL person, and therefore there is a real location you can go visit.


    For a Pocahontas-inspired vacation, you must go to Jamestown, Virginia where Pocahontas was from. Not only is there a Pocahontas statue, but there is so much history, information, and real world touchstones to the past in this historic town. An amazing place to stay would be the Colonial Williamsburg Colonial Houses,historic homes with authentic period reproductions. You can also go on a tour of the nearby James River with all its curves and bends, and yes, you will feel the urge to sing "Just Around the River Bend."

  • Rapunzel-Inspired Vacation 11 of 13

    In Tangled, Rapunzel had one place and one place only that she wanted to go: she wants to see the lanterns that light up the night sky. Our Rapunzel-inspired vacation would be a destination where there are real lantern festivals like the one that mesmerized Rapunzel.


    There are various lantern festivals that you can go see: there is an annual latern festival in the Pingxi District in New Taipei City of Taiwan, the Lanna Yi Peng festival in Thailand, and at various times there are festivals in China, Portugal and Brazil.


    It may be far, but for an experience like that, it would be worth the trip.

  • Anna-Inspired Vacation 12 of 13

    Frozen, which opens in theaters everywhere this Thanksgiving, was greatly inspired by the look of Norway with its snow, fjords, and architecture. To pay tribute to this Nordic land, Adventures by Disney has put together a special itinerary just for Norway.


    During this amazing trip, which starts tours in late May, visitors will go to Bergen (that inspired Anna's animated town), to see the fjords, go river rafting, learn traditional Norwegian folk dancing, go trout fishing, and visit ancient wooden Stave churches.


    You can find out more about this Adventures By Disney trip right here.

  • Aurora-Inspired Vacation 13 of 13

    Where would be a great place for an Aurora-inspired vacation? Alaska!


    What? "Why Alaska?" you might ask.Well, Sleeping Beauty was known for well sleeping. In Alaska there are times of the year where it is dark 24/7, which makes it a perfect place to get some extra sleep. PLUS, there is another reason: Alaska is a great place to see the aurora borealis, and since Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora, it seems like a perfect place to go!


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