12 Celebrities Dressed as Their Favorite Disney Characters for Halloween (Photos)

Forget witches, ghosts, and goblins. Some of the coolest, funnest, and most popular Halloween outfits are costumes paying tribute to a far less scary but just as classic set of characters — Disney icons!

Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Captain Hook, and Jack Sparrow are just a few of the fanciful Disney costumes that are popular not just with kids and adults, but also with celebrities during the Halloween season. Gwen Stefani dressed up as Toy Story‘s Jessie, Kim Kardashian went as Princess Jasmine, and Jessica Alba and her family got in touch with their inner superheroes when they dressed as the Incredibles.

Check out these 12 celebrities who went as Disney characters in Halloween seasons of yore. A couple of them have even dressed up three different times! Which one is your favorite?

  • Disney Halloween Costumes 1 of 17

    Check out these 12 celebrities who dressed as their favorite Disney characters for Halloween!

  • Gwen Stefani as Jessie 2 of 17

    Gwen Stefani totally pulled off an awesome Jessie for Halloween! She's pretty adorable, isn't she?

    Photo Source: PacificCoastNews.com

  • Sandra Bullock 3 of 17

    And Gwen Stefani wasn't the only one who bought the adult Jessie outfit. Sandra Bullock did too, while her son went at Buzz Lightyear.

    Photo Source: PacificCoastNews

  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Sally 4 of 17

    Michelle Trachtenberg totally committed with her Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas outfit, painting her entire body blue.

    Photo Source: Jonathan Cheban/ Twitter 

  • Holly Madison as the Cheshire Cat 5 of 17

    I've never seen a Playboy playmate in a Cheshire Cat costume, but there is a first time for everything!

    Photo Source: Holly Madison/ Intagram Via Babble 

  • Holly Madison as Alice 6 of 17

    And as I mentioned before, Holly Madison REALLY loves Disney, hence why she's in is yet another Disney-inspired outfit! This time, she pays homage to Alice in Wonderland.

    Photo Source: Holly Madison/ Intagram Via CinemaBlend

  • Kim Kardashian as Jasmine 7 of 17

    Kim Kardashian went with a perfect princess for her look. She went as Jasmine one year, albeit a very racy Jasmine!

    Photo Source: Twitter via Fiz-Xcom

  • Kim Kardashian as the Queen of Hearts 8 of 17

    Kim Kardashain gave this Queen of Hearts outfit a try, but this wasn't the kind of outfit that was in the movie. This one was far more glam and Hollywood.

    Photo Source: Kim Kardashian/Twitter

  • Lauren Conrad as Mary Poppins 9 of 17

    Lauren Conrad was adorable as she dressed up as Mary Poppins.

    Photo Source: Lauren Conrad /Twitter via E!

  • The Incredibles 10 of 17

    How adorable is this family outfit? Jessica Alba, her hubby, and her oldest daughter went as the Incredibles.

    Photo Source: Jessica Alba/Twitter

  • Neil Patrick Harris and Family 11 of 17

    Another great example of a family outfit! This year, Neil Patrick Harris, his husband, and their children went as Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit and Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. Seriously cute.

    Photo Source: Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

  • Neil Patrick Harris as Captain Hook 12 of 17

    Another great family outfit by Neil Patrick Harris. This time, he went as Captain Hook, his husband went as Peter Pan, and their kids were Michael and Tinkerbell. Seriously cute.

    Photo source: Neil Patrick Harris/ Twitter via Huffington Post

  • Terri Hatcher as The Queen of Hearts 13 of 17

    Teri Hatcher made a gorgeous Queen of Hearts, while her daughter dressed as Alice. 

    Photo Source: Pacific Coast News

  • Marlee Matlin As Jack Sparrow 14 of 17

    Did you know that Marlee Matlin could make such a great Jack Sparrow? Yeah, neither did we! But she totally pulls it off.

    Photo Source: PacificCoastNews.com

  • Busy Phillips as Tinkerbell 15 of 17

    How sweet is this mommy and me Tinkerbell duo? Busy Phillips and her daughter both went as Tink one year; a very sweet costume.

    Photo Source: PacificCoastNews.com

  • Kim Kardashian as Snow White 16 of 17

    Yes, this is not your mother's Snow White! Kim Kardashian wore this racy version of a Snow White outfit for a costume party one year.

    Photo Source: Twitter via xfinity

  • Hayley Williams 17 of 17

    Singer Hayley Williams totally pulled off an awesome Sally for Halloween one year, and she even brought her own Jack.

    Twitter via Buzznet

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