15 Best Disney Character Transformations

That Disney movies are more magical than a fistful of pixie dust is certainly no secret.

Moments filled with happily ever afters, hakuna matatas, bibbidis and bobbidis make for sheer enchantment, and if you think about it, said enchantment is always literalĀ  – and life changing – for the characters involved.

From hand-me-downs to ball gowns and humans turning into animals and animals turning into humans, it’s enough to make your head spin while you hit rewind on the remote.

Check out the 15 most amazing character transformations that you want to watch again and again:

  • It’s magic! 1 of 31

    Go ahead and wish you were a mermaid or a frog. We all have.

  • Ariel (Before) 2 of 31

    The seaweed is always greener...

  • Ariel (After) 3 of 31

    All I can think of every time I see this is that Ariel is really lucky Flounder and Sebastian are nearby to rush her to the surface. How she escapes getting the bends however... ?

  • Queen Elinor (Before) 4 of 31

    Overprotective and controlling, she is the epitome of "Mama Bear."

  • Queen Elinor (After) 5 of 31

    See? When I first saw Brave, I never saw this coming by the way. To quote the queen, "What was in that cake?!"

  • Kenai (Before) 6 of 31

    He has no idea what's coming... though you'd think he'd realize the foreshadowing based on his spirit animal. Just saying.

  • Kenai (After) 7 of 31

    Oh, Kenai. See what happens when you kill for sport? Spirit animals judge you and turn you into a bear.

  • Cinderella (Before) 8 of 31

    Best part of the entire movie. And no, it's not a transformation as drastic as the others in the slideshow, but it's arguably the most loved.

  • Cinderella (After) 9 of 31

    Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo!

  • Evil Queen (Before) 10 of 31

    Reeeally wants to be the fairest of them all. So much so, she can practically taste it.

  • Evil Queen (After) 11 of 31

    Hell bent on destroying Snow White, you don't know what's going to happen when the Evil Queen downs that potion. Is she choking? Dying? Withering into a hump-backed old hag obviously takes a strong stomach.

  • Bruce Banner (Before) 12 of 31

    Looks unassuming enough... until he gets mad.

  • Bruce Banner (After) 13 of 31

    Hulk smash!

  • Jafar (Before) 14 of 31

    Creeps. Me. Out. And that's before he gets all hissy.

  • Jafar (After) 15 of 31

    That he pretty much looks the same freaks me out even more.

  • Maleficent (Before) 16 of 31

    Bad things happen if you don't invite this gal to your party.

  • Maleficent (After) 17 of 31

    See? "Evil Fairy" doesn't quite cut it in the description department, does it...

  • Theodora (Before) 18 of 31

    She's a lover and a fighter.

  • Theodora (After) 19 of 31


  • Mother Gothel (Before) 20 of 31

    Someone forgot to tell her that age is just a number...

  • Mother Gothel (After) 21 of 31

    Being eleventy mabillion years old would leave anyone looking like Skeletor. Still, Mother Gothel as a hag still scares me more than her raven-haired persona.

  • Pinocchio (Before) 22 of 31

    He's got no strings to hold him down.

  • Pinocchio (After) 23 of 31

    It was a toss up between the moment Pinocchio sprouts donkey ears and the one when the Blue Fairy turns him into a real boy. I went with the more positive of the two.

  • Beast (Before) 24 of 31

    Equal parts Buffalo, Gorilla, Lion, Boar, Wolf and Bear, Beast is pretty accurate.

  • Prince Adam (After) 25 of 31

    Shooting sparks, spirit finger lightning, levitation - Prince Adam's transformation from Beast to man is definitely one of the most dramatic in the Disney vault.

  • Jaq (Before) 26 of 31

    Small but mighty. Just ask Cinderella.

  • Jaq (After) 27 of 31

    In Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, Jaq feels useless and wishes he was human. The super helpful Fairy Godmother grants his wish, and boom. Sir Hugh. Good thing he soon realizes being a mouse is much better.

  • Tiana (Before) 28 of 31

    She's almost there.

  • Tiana (After) 29 of 31

    See what happens when you go around kissing strange, lippy frogs?

  • Ursula (Before) 30 of 31

    She's not one to lose at her own game.

  • Vanessa (After) 31 of 31

    Always trying to sing with a stolen set of pipes. Scuttle knows.

Photo credits: Walt Disney Studios, Marvel

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