15 Disney Characters We’d LOVE to Go on an Adventure With

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There is something that happens at an end of an epically awesome Disney or Pixar film. After the story ends and the credits roll, I am left with the intense need for the story to continue. I want to fly back to Neverland with Peter Pan, I want to go take more classes at Monsters University, or I want to go set sail once again with Jack Sparrow. I just don’t want the adventure to end. The thing that really attracts me to these stories is that sense of adventure, the traveling to other worlds — lands and times — that don’t exist in reality. It’s escapism that I just don’t want to escape from. And you know what? Soon I’ll be able to continue the adventure, to go and play with my favorite Disney and Pixar characters in whole new ways by way of Infinity. Disney Infinity, Disney’s brand-new gaming unit that’s set to be released August 18, allows you to play in an “open sandbox” environment where your favorite characters, and some of the most adventurous ones at that, will take you on a completely unique experience.

So, that feeling that I’m left with after the movie ends? With Disney Infinity,  I won’t have to miss the characters I’ve grown to love and will get to interact and experience them in an entirely new way. In celebration of our new adventures with the Disney /Pixar stars we love, here are the 15 most adventurous Disney characters who I would most like to go on a journey with. Which is your favorite?

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    Who would you most want to go on an adventure with?

  • Wreck-It Ralph 2 of 16

    I have two words: Sugar Rush — as in the land of Sugar Rush, home of the one and only Vanellope von Schweetz. As Liz Lemon famously said, "I want to go to there." Going on an adventure with Ralph of Wreck-it Ralph would be totally sweet ... literally.


  • Woody 3 of 16

    Woody (of Toy Story fame) always saves that day, and he's so cheery, fun and funny. Going on an adventure with this little "partner," would be tinged with wild-west awesomeness.

  • Peter Pan 4 of 16

    Oh, to fly away to Neverland. That would be a dream come true. Skull Rock, the den of the Lost Boys, and the Mermaid Lagoon are all must-sees in Peter's world.

  • Mike and Sulley 5 of 16

    Sure, they are supposed to inspire fear, but they are far sweeter than they are scary. Mike and Sulley seem to fall into adventures, but they always come out on top. Being on an adventure with these two, either at Monsters Inc., or Monster University, would be so incredibly fun!

  • Merida 6 of 16

    Taking a horse ride or doing some archery with this red-headed Brave star would be so much fun — and slightly dangerous. Plus, who wouldn't want to explore the Scottish countryside?

  • Alice 7 of 16

    Alice's adventures are like no one else's! They're complete with singing flowers, Mad Hatters and marching playing cards. Taking a visit to her Wonderland would be full of wonders and whimsy, and of course, it would have to be wonderful!

  • Jack Sparrow 8 of 16

    An adventure isn't a true adventure without pirates on board! And our favorite pirate is, of course, Jack Sparrow of The Pirates of the Caribbean series.

  • Dory 9 of 16

    Sure, we could go on an adventure with Nemo or Marlin, but Nemo is a bit young, and Marlin is far too neurotic. Instead, we would so swim at the chance to go on an adventure with Dory, of Finding Nemo fame. She's hilarious and unforgettable — even though she forgets almost everything!

  • The Incredibles 10 of 16

    Oh, to don a skin-tight red jumpsuit and conquer the villains of the world with the gang from The Incredibles — you know that would be one super superhero-themed adventure.

  • Bolt 11 of 16

    Bolt isn't just ready for adventure, but he's also SO CUTE! Seriously, I would follow him anywhere.


  • Russell 12 of 16

    An adventure with a very decorated Wilderness Explorer? You can't go wrong — especially when the Wilderness Explorer in question is Russell from Pixar's Up.

  • Winnie-the-Pooh 13 of 16

    An adventure in the Hundred Acre Woods with Winnie-the-Pooh and his pals wouldn't be full of danger, but looking for Eeyore's tail? This type of excursion would be sweet and low-key but still would be an adventure for sure.

  • Tiana 14 of 16

    One of the coolest things about going on an adventure with Tiana from the Princess and the Frog would be that she would keep us well fed whether we were in frog or human form.

  • Lightening McQueen 15 of 16

    Ka chow! Lightning McQueen would bring a speedy and sensational adventure, and anytime we get to visit Radiator Springs is an adventure itself.

  • Mickey Mouse 16 of 16

    And last but certainly not least, one of the best adventures would be with the one and only Mickey Mouse — and if said adventure could happen at Disneyland, well, that pretty much would be a dream come true.



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