15 Reasons Why Marvel’s Loki is Really a Disney Prince

The gods of villainy have been smiling down on the raven-haired son of Asgard lately, and by Odin’s beard are we glad.

Thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s brilliant portrayal of charismatic Norse trickster Loki, it’s standing-room only on his super-villain bandwagon, making his third appearance in Disney’s Marvel release, Thor: The Dark World, quite possibly the most highly anticipated – and best one – yet.

“When I was a kid, when I’d watch the bad guys, the ones I loved were the ones who you sort of wanted to win,” Hiddleston says. “And there is that [with Loki]. What I hope you’ll see is that he’s still vulnerable and that all of his inclination to provoke chaos and start fires and create conflict and enjoy all of that stuff – his delight in disorder – is a mask of control.”

“Behind the mask is someone incredibly wounded and lost and conflicted. The duplicity of those things, the dichotomy of the two, the outer and the inner – that’s gold for an actor,” he adds.

And gold for everyone else watching, too. Just so you know.

I had the incredibly amazing opportunity to sit down with Hiddleston the night Thor: The Dark World celebrated its red carpet premiere in Hollywood to chat more about what it’s like to live the life of a villain, and in doing so, theorized that Loki is really (maybe even secretly) a Disney prince.

10 reasons why my theory makes complete sense, and yes, I absolutely blurred the line between the man and the mythical figure he plays – with help from Hiddleston of course:

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Photo credits: Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel, Comedy Central (screengrab), Tom Hiddleston Twitter

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