15 Unforgettable Disney Dance Scenes!

There’s nothing more romantic than an adorable dance scene and Disney has captured some of the best dances in their movies.  From royalty to commoners, a twirl around the dance floor is where people feel free to bust out some of their best moves or to simply fall in love.  You know a dance scene has had an impact on your kids when you see them reenact Aurora’s barefooted prance in the woods.

From Belle and Beasts’ dramatic choreography in the dance hall to Tiana’s amphibious waltz with Prince Naveen in the Bayou, strap on your dancing shoes and join us as we take a look at 25 best Disney dance scenes.

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    Check out 15 best Disney dance scenes that will sweep you off your feet!

  • Sleeping Beauty 2 of 16

    When Aurora finally meets the man of her dreams, he sweeps her off her feet and proceeds to whisk her away for a waltz in the woods.

  • Toy Story 3 3 of 16

    Jessie falls head over heels in love with the Spanish side of Buzz Lightyear when he gets his groove on in Toy Story 3 with (his now famous) Latin dance number.  In my opinion, this was one of the best parts in the movie!

  • Snow White 4 of 16

    This playful scene is one to remember.  We get to see the fun side of the dwarfs and how well they've entertained and take care of their guest, Snow White ... with a little music and dance, of course!

  • UP 5 of 16

    The classic love story, told in 8 minutes, contains a little dance scene that we will never forget.  For me, there is nothing sweeter than watching two older folks dance. Animated or in real life...

  • Princess and the Frog 6 of 16

    Dancing among the lilly pads and fireflies.  Prince Naveen is so debonair when he dances with Tiana to the sweet jazzy sounds of the Bayou.

  • Finding Nemo 7 of 16

    One hilarious dance clip from Finding Nemo is when Marlin and Dory escape the jaws of a Anglerfish, and they bust out in a celebratory dance! No eating here tonight, you're on a diet!

  • Beauty and the Beast 8 of 16

    Ah, yes. The dance steps that were heard around the world.  Disney fans ooh'd and ahh'd as Belle and Beast fell in love while dancing in the glorious hall of the castle.

  • Tangled 9 of 16

    See how dancing just might lead to love?  Here are Flynn and Rapunzel as they danced in the town center of Rapunzel's future kingdom.  Here too, we see these two crazy kids dancing into each others arms and finding true love.

  • Cinderella 10 of 16

    Being a newbie to a ball must have been nerve wracking for Cinderella, but once the prince caught sight of her, he never left her side.  They danced the night away, until the clock struck midnight.

  • Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip 11 of 16

    The battle of the dresses was happening while the royal couple were dancing right into happily ever after. Her fairy godmothers couldn't decide which color dress the princess should wear!

  • Robin Hood 12 of 16

    Can you see the forest theme going on here?  Robin Hood and Maid Marian danced their paws off, while they rekindled the childhood love they once shared.

  • The Little Mermaid 13 of 16

    Ariel put her human legs to good use when dancing with Prince Eric.  These two lovebirds also found love when swaying side to side, wishing to be parts of each other's worlds.

  • Enchanted 14 of 16

    Oh, McDreamy and... oh, wait!  I meant Robert and Giselle danced and finally confirmed their love ...  right before the evil Queen Narissa turned into an ugly dragon and ruined their night at the ball.

  • The Jungle Book 15 of 16

    It's so much fun dancing with your friends.  Mowgli and Baloo danced to their hearts content to the song "Bear Necessities" without a care in the world.  We should all do that once in a while. Don't you think?

  • Mary Poppins 16 of 16

    Probably the most celebrated dance scene of all time! Mary Poppins and Bert in "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"  is the climatic dance of the movie that made Disney history with dancing penguins, a precocious band, and a rhythm that made this one of the most memorable Disney dance scene to date.

Photo Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Studios

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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