18 Princess Bento Boxes: Amazing Royal Lunches

I love back to school season. Visiting my kids’ new school last night showed me what an amazing school looks like in action. My kids, for their part, can’t wait to take their backpacks and head into a new year of learning, adventure, and friendships. To celebrate back to school, I wanted to give the boys a special treat for their lunches on the first day and then keep it up throughout the year, so I’ve been researching bento boxes in order to give them a special surprise.

I buckled down and started sifting through lots of photos of bento boxes, posts about bento boxes, and blogs on bento boxes to give me some inspiration for fun lunches.

You would not believe the astonishingly beautiful and creative lunches I found! Now being a Disney fan, as you know I am, I couldn’t resist sharing these amazing Disney-inspired bento boxes I discovered while doing my research. So this is a two part series, this one featuring princesses and the other featuring bento boxes inspired by other Disney characters. Some I’ve included because they are just masterpieces. But I’ve also tried to add a few that, while still incredible, appear simpler to achieve at home. Please click on the arrows below for a jaw dropping collection of edible works of art. Enjoy!

  • 18 Amazing Princess Bento Boxes 1 of 19
    Princess Bento Boxes

    Click the arrows to see them all.

  • Princess Snow White 2 of 19
    Snow White bento box

    I just can't stop looking at her! Hard to believe you can eat it all, and the detail is sublime! Plus, this lunch has great food balance with rice, meat, and vegetables. And I really like the carrot flowers. Find this Snow White bento box here.


    Photo credit: ©

  • Mulan 3 of 19
    Mulan bento box

    It is hard to believe Princess Mulan is made of pancakes!! Read more about this Mulan bento box here.


    Photo credit: ©

  • Princess Ariel 4 of 19
    Ariel Bento Box

    This Ariel is made of 13 pieces of different colored pasta. She's beautiful, isn't she? Read all about this Ariel bento box here.


    Photo credit: ©MyMealBox

  • Snow White and Grapes 5 of 19
    Snow White bento box

    Karen used the box as a mold to cut the bread for the sandwich. On top of that she has created a beautiful Snow White. She tells how she did it right here.


    Photo credit: ©KWBentoDiary

  • Princess Aurora 6 of 19
    Aurora bento box

    I love the way Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, looks straight at us here. I also love the elephant jelly pudding in the bottom right! Read all about this Aurora bento box right here.


    Photo credit: ©MyMealBox

  • Belle and Hearts 7 of 19
    Belle Bento Box

    Belle's creamy complexion comes from cheese! Karen tell us exactly how she made here favorite Princess Belle bento box right here.


    Photo credit: ©KWBentoDiary

  • Princess Belle 8 of 19
    Belle bento box

    Potato korokke, broccoli, mandarin oranges, and baby corn complete this beautiful Belle bento box. She is made of 21 pieces of pasta in 6 different colors.


    Photo credit: ©MyMealBox

  • Princess Jasmine 9 of 19
    Jasmine bento box

    So many details in this bento box — it is incredible! Karen made this Jasmine bento box for her girl and tells how she did it here.


    Photo credit: ©KWBentoDiary

  • Princess Cinderella 10 of 19
    Cinderella bento box

    See the berries? They are really a berry bracelet!! The sandwich is a cucumber-cream cheese combination, and the berry fairy wands are just too cute. Learn how to make this step by step:  Cinderella bento box by Spoonful right here.


    Photo credit: ©Spoonful

  • Sleeping Beauty 11 of 19
    Sleeping beauty bento box

    I think the cheese crown is brilliant! This cute idea comes from Kendra, who used a princess cookie cutter for the sandwich. Learn how she prepared this Sleeping Beauty bento box right here.


    Photo Credit: ©

  • Ariel with Crown 12 of 19
    Ariel Bento Box

    Mandarin oranges, waffle crackers, marshmallows, and a butter sandwich are all part of this adorable bento box. Karen tells how she made this Ariel bento box here.


    Photo credit: ©KWBentoDiary

  • Tangled Lunch 13 of 19
    Rapunzel bento box

    Don't you just love the hair? It's made with angel hair pasta, of course. Read more about this Rapunzel bento box here.


    Photo credit: ©

  • Spaghetti Cinderella 14 of 19
    Cinderella bento box

    Who would have thought spaghetti bolognese and Princess Cinderella would have looked so beautiful together? Chicken sausage, corn, broccoli, and fruit complete the ensemble. Read all about this Cinderella bento box here.


    Photo credit: ©MyMealBox

  • Jasmine in Green 15 of 19
    jasmine bento box

    Seven different colors of pasta sheets were needed to make this stunning Princess Jasmine bento box. What do you think?


    Photo credit: ©MyMealBox

  • Princess Merida 16 of 19
    Merida bento box

    Carrots for Merida's hair, cheese for mama bear, and raspberries (bear-ies) for Merida's three mischievous brothers. Find this adorable Merida bento box here.


    Photo Credit: ©

  • Sweet Princess Lunch 17 of 19

    Crowns! What a sweet and simple way to make a princess bento box, don't you think? The sandwich is made of maple almond butter ...  yummy!! Learn about this Princess bento box right here.


    Photo credit: ©

  • Princess Rapunzel 18 of 19
    Rapunzel bento box

    Rapunzel is made of cheese, fondant, and other edible ingredients. Grapes, cheese, and a PB&J sandwich complete this Tangled bento box. Read how KW made it here.


    Photo credit: ©KWBentoDiary

  • Snow White with Red Bow 19 of 19
    Snow White Bento Box

    Yellow rice, meat, egg, veggies, and fruit — a yummy combination. Snow White is the icing on the cake. Incredible detail, don't you think? Learn about this Snow White bento box right here.


    Photo credit: ©MyMealBox

The items in this post are not officially affiliated with the Disney brand. 


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